Next Move de Bitcoin – $6,500 ou $6,000? Analyse technique

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Will Bitcoin get rejected on its attempt to move back up and then crash back down to $6,000 or below? Mark will take us through the charts and the key areas to watch for over the week. He’ll also look at 0X and Polymath. 2 coins that are starting to make some moves.

Mark est un commerçant actif et partage son analyse technique des graphiques. Il n'est pas un conseiller professionnel mais partage ses connaissances afin que vous puissiez avoir une base pour faire vos propres recherches et prendre des décisions éclairées sur vos investissements. Toujours faire vos propres recherches et de ne jamais investir plus que vous pouvez vous permettre de perdre.
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Bitcoin's Next Move – $6,500 ou $6,000? Analyse technique


Créé par Sara Bauer et Richard Abermann

37 commentaires

  1. Make a video about Byteball? Its like the Ethereum of DAG, rebranding soon because the name is holding it back

  2. BTC 65,000$ bitcoin will go far also the rest of the altcoin market.
    I have high hopes for XLQ (alqo), they building a super good exchange from the ground up not another off the shelf product, their exchange will have proper charts, OTC trading, safe ICO investing.

  3. +Rhonnie Allan i turned telegram off and twitter and You tube notifications last week…. i just have a bitcoin and eth alert set when it changes a over 400 dollars it lets me know. Gona go back to spending more time on the decs.. make some more fiat

  4. Tone Vays is he best TA guy in the space with his yrs of experience but its still better to buy BTC when you can & #HODL for next 5-10 ans, boring but you be happy then 🙂

  5. TA should also include theorder bookfor example forms of manipulation in LTC which week by week Tuesday to Tuesday there arekettlingtrades of the same market size on the buy and sell side. It’s so easy to spot go to my page and you will see and hear what I am seeing and what actions I am involved inbesides T and A.

  6. I think it’s good that you will have the tech analysis class. TA is way to look at this market, and the trends are your friends. TA absolutely works if you devise a strategy for a bullish or bearish indicator.

  7. le $5800 à $6200 level has been uncanny as a barrier to the depths below. I have a sense that it will hold. Thanks again Mark V for your time and knowledge!

  8. Makubekz yes. Wedge. Flag. Pennant. All the same. And it’s starting to translate over to the daily. We’ll see if it plays out.

  9. Crypto in a Van! It has bee protected. Sans aucun doute. The only concerns I have are: lack of volume. So close the the end of the descending triangle with a higher probability of downside break and lack of bull volume. Tether has too many problems right now to defend. So who’s going to defend it? Whales know there are still weak hands out there or at least will want to test it.

  10. Ouais, Tone has mentioned that dollar cost averaging in this market is a good idea if you aren’t a trader.

  11. There is nothing better than a nice 8 minute BTC chart analysis and news, please keep this up 👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Shahrood thank you! I really appreciate the comment. Turn on your alerts because Marten and I do these through out the week.

  13. Not Tone Vays wisdom. It’s general trading philosophy. If you’re a Tone Vays fan why DCA? Why not wait until $3,500 since he’s so convinced that’s where we’re going. I’m not saying that we can’t. I’m just not going to draw one trend line and call a level.

  14. +Steve Brule Always says yesterday was the best day to buy bitcoin. Acheter & #Hodl, i leave trading to the exoerts, just love seeing how the system works or doesnt !

  15. $6.000 ou $6.500? Nothing of that. Bearflag turn into a BULL!! +$7.000 lol love it. TA what is it worth?

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