IMPORTANT FERMER LA SEMAINE de Bitcoin | Indice Dow Jones, Marché boursier, run banque & Récession | BTC commerce

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Bitcoin Trading and price analysis. Is Bitcoin a hedge against inflation? Comparing Dow Jones Index, Marché boursier, run banque & Récession.

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BITCOIN's IMPORTANT WEEKLY CLOSE | Indice Dow Jones, Marché boursier, run banque & Récession | BTC commerce


Créé par Sara Bauer et Richard Abermann

27 commentaires

  1. Hey thank you for all your help love watching all your YouTube videos you helped me out a great deal I’m only going to buy into cryptocurrency projects that have no CEO can’t trust anyone these times I’m buying more Bitcoin ethereum and believe it or not Electra coin great community and there is no CEO I would love to hear your take on it someday he should get a hold of Cassandra Ruru or Robert some of the great Community leaders really think there is something special and it could explode 2022

  2. Thank You for the insight 🤙
    Liked and interested in the giveaway Brother.
    See ya Monday

  3. I agree with the message about how small the crypto market is. Comparing it to a word like recession when the world is in a state of panic says nothing.

  4. Bitcoiin has to flip the 6,4OOusd level, which is regarded as the point of control, to continue its upward momentum. Autrement, the crypto king could evaporate all of its recent gains. particulièrement, 6,4OOusd was the most traded level during the 2OI8 bear market. Bitcoiin officially kicked off its massive rally in 2OI9 by surging above it in May. During the carnage in Q4, it also proved to be robust support. Hier, the bulls tried to surpass it on multiple occasions but got rejected after the first successful attempt. so we might witness more bull run till the halving happening in May 2O2O , for now you can only make profit by trading, pour moi, je vous conseille de multiplier le peu que vous avez avec la stratégie de Kentrell, j'ai pu faire 7BT avec I.5bt en 3 semaines avec la même stratégie, l'atteindre le télégramme kentrellroger orWhatsApp + 1(2I3)34O-562O–__

  5. am shocked to see this here, my street here in Knoxville, they love and look up to this same Mr Kentrell Roger just because he showed them his wonderful bitcoin program that gives them so much Gain even when price is dropping.

  6. I won’t forget last month when I told my friends about this Kentrell’s program and they doubted it, now they’re rating it 100% after they’ve tested it, and we’re sticking to this way of trading crypto for as long as bitcoin lives.

  7. I never knew of any trader who made huge profits on the beer market like he does. Kentrell is the true MVP and guru of bitcoin

  8. S'il vous plaît, I need your help Kentrell, don’t ignore me, I’ve stubbornly lost about IOO,OOOusd to the last crash, and even with the recent bull run, I still haven’t made up about 50% of my loss. I’m tired of the daily fear of checking the cost of bitcoin.

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  11. Je suis très heureux que je vois ce poste aujourd'hui, at least I can finally talk to somebody to guide me because my trading experience is very small

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