Bitcoin trésorerie Explained – The Fork, The Drama, L'avenir

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Bitcoin trésorerie expliqué – what is it? Why did it fork? Will there be another fork? Why is there so much drama around it? And what does the future have in store for it?

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Bitcoin trésorerie Explained – The Fork, The Drama, L'avenir

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Créé par Sara Bauer et Richard Abermann

33 commentaires

  1. la “réal” bitcoin is the one chosen by the people

    that was always satoshis “vision” for anything in life i feel

    its one of his main philosophies, give something and see if people adapt to it

  2. Very balanced & very realistic & very well put together, I’ll be sharing this on twitter. Oh, and thanks for the financial advice 🙂

  3. Totally agree with you! Bon travail, well balanced…. While the spoiled children argue over their money, a vibrant community gets neglected… Hmm. These types of actions give rise to more balanced and inclusive communities like Horizen… Vive la blockchain!

  4. Big blocks are the only way to scaleThat’s not true, scaling on chain remains the philosophy of BCH. Block compression, weak blocks, etc are all scaling solutions using on chain that aren’t simply raising blocksize.

  5. You did it again Lark. Hit the nail on the head with this great breakdown of facts. Bcash was a great way to show exactly what makes bitcoin a better money. It’s about censorship far more than mining fees. It’s unfortunate the important community it has just wants to censor any constructive thinking or answer some of these simple questions. Infighting is certainly a huge proponant as to why I want nothing to do with it. All the lies surrounding it is just the icing on the cake.

  6. Comme toujours belle vidéo. But how can you keep staying that calm while your house is burning ? : -)

  7. Oh my God Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto go and research it in very deep detailed I swear if you really go deeper you find out

  8. Ed, in all honestly, everybody thinks your being ridiculous trying to teach how bitcoin works when you just learnt about bitcoin last year. I’ve been getting private messages from guys who’ve been into bitcoin since 2012 telling me how ridiculous you sound. I thought you should know

  9. you talk really slow and do not get to points very quickly, i dont know when you got into this at all or who are or who are trying to appeal to so far but im only 29 seconds in and this is you looking horrible

  10. this is long winded and you are just a talking head. the effects are lame. have you thought about just doing a text format?

  11. +dobe4ever- lol dobe4ever, I have tried, along with yourself and many others to try to make ED see sense. Unfortunately it will never happen. He is your typical deluded Xfactor contestant.
    He can even laugh off insults as he thinks me, you and anyone else that may argue with him are paid blockstream and ‘corePropoganda.
    Ed is a sad case.

  12. Bitcoin Cash vs. Tiret: Which Will Fulfill Satoshi’s Vision? What is Bitcoin Cash? How does it differ from Bitcoin? Et, more importantly for Dash users, how does Bitcoin Cash compare to Dash?

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