L'Amérique brûle! Protestations historiques comme prix BITCOIN toujours dans la tendance BULLISH! 2020 Nouvelles Crypto

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America burns as historic protests rage, Bitcoin price currently stuck, but bullish indicators point up, Matic updates, and Russia's crypto community fights back!
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⏰ Horodatages ⏰
0:00 Aujourd'hui dans Crypto!
0:30 Bitcoin Analyse technique
2:22 Bitcoin Fear and Greed
3:04 PrimeXBT
3:58 Matic Crypto News
4:59 Bitcoin Exchange Exodus
6:08 Bitcoin HODL
6:39 Bitcoin Stock to Flow News
7:13 Russian Crypto Community Fights Back
8:10 L'Amérique brûle

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L'Amérique brûle! Protestations historiques comme prix BITCOIN toujours dans la tendance BULLISH! 2020 Nouvelles Crypto

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Créé par Sara Bauer et Richard Abermann

41 commentaires

  1. Mec – best video so far. Best shirt so far. Go for it, do politicalvery smart and astute commentary. You are definitely my fav crypto commentator.

  2. We are entering into the perfect storm for BTC & crypto to reign supreme!
    posséder 1 x BTC & 50K ADA will literally turn you into a millionaire by Dec 2022

  3. Can I ask why you are so bullish on Cardano? Is there something unique about it? I dont own ADA but I am bullish on XMR, it is a superior crypto, equivalent of electronic cash, no traceability. Would love to know why you like ADA

  4. namsardar .. En bref, their methodical analytical, technical & fundamental approach to this space that defines them as perhaps the most wholistic project in Crypto! The vision & technical ability of CH is key!
    The fact that he is a perfectionist & has the ability to go about his vision under an enormous amount of resistance is extremely impressive!
    The final stage of evolution of the global economy will be embedded within the Cardano protocol….
    I see ADA together with ETH as the operating systems of the crypto spaceSimilar to what iOS & Android are to the mobile communication space….

  5. The fact that Wall Street is buying bitcoin unfortunately says that it’s already being manipulated. I know the purpose of bitcoin as well as other crypto currency but anything that man builds can be torn apart! However that fact that Wall Street is hoarding it as well as gold and silverpay attention to the smart money! U.S. Russie, Chine…hoarding gold and silver and yetgetting into the crypto game! Bitcoin is being suppressed as well as other crypto plus gold and silver! Pourquoi, so the rich can hoard it! toutefois, investing in these assets are the move to make…pour l'instant.

  6. System seems increasingly detached from realityI hope crypto detaches from the markets..

  7. 📉📉📉let’s go short and I have an exact overview on my page with a program for crypto signals📊📊📊

  8. We are the BTC buyers we’ve been waiting formax out on unsecured loans and buy Bitcoin! ♾️

  9. Aussi, I remember a quote: “Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”

    ― Anna Lappe

  10. Look up this ticker symbol at Yahoo finance:
    UUP tracks the price movement of the U.S. dollar against a basket of currencies, including the euro, Japanese yen, British pound, Canadian dollar, Swedish krona, and Swiss franc.

    THE DOLLAR HAS BEEN RIDING AROUND A 10-YEAR PLUS HIGH, only very recent weaknessA 5-day slide, 3-month period still up

    We’re in a deflationary period, might take far longer than most people think before inflation really picks up beyond what used to be decades ago considered the normal average range of inflation, 4-5%, which we haven’t seen in decades

    With multiple quantitative easings since 2008and more recently the evidence is showing again in the second cycle that the money supply hardly is what matters when it comes to inflation but rather the velocity of moneyhow much you spend the same dollar again and again within a given period

  11. 10 il y a des années, here in the US, TPTB were concerned about people bypassing the use of US dollars by trading goods and services on Craigslist. And now suddenly crypto-currency is ‘ok.’

  12. Ken Street your argument can pretty much apply throughout the world? So you are going to blame white men for every single war to occur on this planet and every single person persecuted? What tweets are racist that Trump has made? Is it really racism or just do not like anything this president has to say? I can say to you that you are for open borders and drugs and young girls being smuggled into the US for sex slavery? bien, you must be since you are in love with the Democratic Party, who are in favor of both? You are also for illegals voting in our elections and mail-in (fraudulent) voting in america? Can you tell me another country where you can go vote if you are not a citizen of that country? Only in America and Only pushed by the Democratic Party.

  13. @dan smith right target, right causation, right conclusion, right problem,, you are awake my friend.

  14. @Zaphod7835 Well said, and nice to know there are more people in the BTC community who are awake and aware.

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