Pourquoi est-ce encierro bitcoin est différent? Top nouvelles de crypto-monnaie avec Crypt0

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Pourquoi est-ce encierro bitcoin est différent? Top nouvelles de crypto-monnaie avec Crypt0

33 commentaires

  1. i remember i was looking for fud when i bump into Elliot’s channel. i thoughtis there anything that can make me believe less in BTC success. but FUD TV turned out to be the FUD killer in reality, damnit))

  2. I love and agree with everything. You guys need/must make more together. There is a lack of valuable content in this space.

  3. I am a hardcore follower of both of these UTubersand Love the ComboMore CombosMore Combos …. Aussi, I’m in Los Angeles as well.

  4. Hold on to your Cryptos ! The market scares you into selling, then buys up your asset on the cheap. I know because it happened to me once with stocksinexperienced, I sold in a panic with a 50% perte – mais 2 years later it was up 200%. That’s how markets work. Just think where you’d be now if you sold out Bitcoin earlier this year, terrified it wasgoing to zero”. But look how you were rewarded for holding on. So hold no matter what, so I decided to stop and keep up with my day job until I was referred to Rupica Puri who has a lot of experience in Crypto trading, so he asked about my trading experience which I know was bad, so he showed me is specially designed layout which made me better at trading, trading has being so much easier and profitable, and now am recovering my lost and making more profit without him asking me for access to my account or any of my details, will advice all who has being in my shoes to reach him and check out is enormous strategy for more questions, (Trade.rupicapuri@gmail com) are is details and I am sure he would be delighted to be of assistance to you

  5. ADA is the answer. Limited in supply. Will be way more decentralized than bitcoin. And doesn’t have the energy consumption btc does. Good things take time. Shelley and staking are just around the corner.

  6. Omar has no useful info and spreads irrelevant FUD about Faketoshis and fake government threats rather than germane details. It’s content without substance, but pleasant content.

  7. Lets say we jump 2-500% now then many will still be in 50% perte…. Many alts will die and many will never go back to ATH.

  8. I appreciate your work, one critizism, please don’t useyou knowso much.. take the time and explain what you want to say. Your journalism will only get better.. Merci, be well.

  9. Après une longue recherche pour un trader professionnel avec cohérence en correspondance avec bon profit, Mr Rupica has proven himself to be one of the best around the world with is amazing trading skills.

    I Think it is exciting and very interesting times we are in ,Can not wait to see what Will happen in the crypto market🤩🤩🤩

  10. @Kymani Reese His strategy has been helping a lot of traders/new bees out there, with his program i was able to recover my losses from the crash so swiftly.

  11. i was connected 2 months ago into trading with him, I started trading with 1.5btc, Now I can boast of a handful of 3.2btc Thanks to everybody who posted about Rupica’s program, vous êtes partie de mon histoire de succès. Let’s keep spreading words about him to help the ignorant people who needs help

  12. Rosu Florian lol so hostile 🤣! I literally just stated some facts about a crypto. No one is trying to tell you what to invest in. I hope you have a great day and your dad gives you a nice big hug later.

  13. I bought some Cardano yesterday at 419 Satoshi. It might continue to go down over the next few months, mais qui sait. It’s already super cheap. If it continues to go down, I’ll buy some more. My next target is 350 trousse. #hodl 🙂

  14. i bought a bunch when they were on a uprun in 2017 for 1200sat ehhhh been holding since then wating for staking to be introduced

  15. MAX WEST I hear ya. I first bought a big bag of Cardano at 3100 Satoshi. And then I kept buying small batches all the way down to 1000. 🤦🏽‍♂️

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