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Hey Altcoin équipe Daily!

Is Bitcoin getting ready to spike?!?
Today we go over some Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News!

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****Not Financial Advice! Just Opinion!

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Créé par Sara Bauer et Richard Abermann

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  1. The record company got that money, 50 cent did not get any bitcoin and he just let the rumor continue to boost his image and sales. He finally told the truth after the I.R.S. came a knockin wantin their chedda ! I hope my group is wrong about the pullback on the 27th and the market continues to grow.

  2. Just woke up and already made a nice profit from selling and re-buying Wax. It was the only crypto 20 % in green.

  3. My concern is all the high expectations and hype surrounding the bitcoin ETF, if it get’s denied that could trigger major selloffs and back to a new low. Let’s hope not lol.

  4. feniks.finance is not ico for ico only, they have huge idea, good team and I think they can realase this blockchain

  5. I really don’t like Coinbase, yet it’s the only way to get in to the market. Can’t wait till Ethos comes in and changes things.
    I know it’s not technically a crypto but what do you make of Glint?
    P.s. Oui! Mission Impossible films are awesome!

  6. For me it doesn’t change much since I don’t own any BTC. Altcoins are still lagging behind, most are blood red.

  7. Nice chart.. n explanation about alts wid respect to btc dominance.. been waiting for sumbdy to give an explanationTks !

  8. I heard someone say that BTC is about to have a massive bull run and if ETF gets approved it will drop down. Basically buy the rumor sell the news scenario. If the majority of people think it will go up usually the opposite happens.

  9. I honestly think stellar will be listed on coinbase just because coinbase wants to prove a point to xrp. I hodl both so I’m happy either way lol

  10. Xrp is the last crypto Coinbase would want to add. They would rather add Vertcoin than this centralized garbage.

  11. True that’s why i do not believe the whole BTC back to 20k or even 50k by end of year nonsense lol.
    All the influential ppl in the media who make those 30k or 50k by EOY claims often do so because it’s making them all kinds of gains.

  12. Altcoin Daily And you would always be my channel for crypto info I’ll be here when you hit a million subscribers which I know you will in the future.

  13. some more desperation. christ. As you hold and wait for that million dollar bitcoin, investors and traders on wallstreet are driving lambosgo ahead, keep waiting.

  14. Can you make a video about how you made your money or how you’re making your money??? Merci 🙏

  15. Ha I have. Historically we do usually have a small summer and a large end of the year bull run. Except in 2014
    But there are more green flags than ever that instituational money is about to enter. But I get your point.


  17. where have you been? the markets were bull running all winter. a bear market was 5 years ago when it was dormant for years. no matter how it looked crypto never left a bull market. it seemed like it then, but seeing the charts now of the winter. its clear that “marché baissier” was just money being split into different coins which proceeded to all bull run all winter. over and over. considering the seasons of trading and how much volume it had. its very very bull still.

  18. institutional money already joined. u ever wonder why the weekends would loose so much volume the last few months? thats because the pros pull out becaues the amateurs on weekends panic sell and are dangerous for trading.. altho.. now weekends are bullrunning 😀 i can tell you aswell, we are not going to see a 20k bullrun like last year. that bullrun happened because no one expected it. d'un autre côté. its still going to be a very very good summer.

  19. why wouldnt you want a sellof?let them sell to us so we can keep the market moving. btc only did like a 75% gain when it went to 20k from where it is now. ethereum did 50% gains like 4 seperate times in the last 4 mois. other coins did similar. wouldnt you want it cheaper untill you own a bunch of it? everyone is holding right now. but trading doesnt make money from holding. it makes money from movement.

  20. haha straight up. the time to hold and wait was like 3 il y a des années. now its trade and evolve the world :ré, its not a free meal ticket anymore although, this is probably still the easiest market to trade in.

  21. i really hate ico’s in general, thres only a couple who may be around in the next 5 années. ever heard of DAOstack? could just replace governments, no biggie. aussi , mastercard just patented some stuff to integrate crypto with it. any coin with a blockchain is too slow and won’t work , aka bitcoin, etherumonly a few use scalable tech that can support billions of users.. il y a, iota… some more. we saw what happens to the blockchain when the world uses it last year. as bitcoin basically stopped working as a medium of exchange as transactions failed.. aussi 10 minute wait a the coffe shop to buy coffee? not gonna work. you ever sent ada , wallet to wallet, its so fast i cant look at the other screen fast enough. to see it come in, and iotas hashblock(pas blockchain) would be able to handle trillions of transactions at once. unless it can do those things. banks wont go near it for possible fraud related issues. i think xrp also has the ability to do this. also bitcoin and ethereum nodes are owned by a small majority making fake transactions a real issue. do you want a few people in the world to have the ability to make any transaction they wanted? or didnt want? btc is still supposed to be a storage of wealth, that was satoshi’s vision outlined in his messaging. more so like $USD/GOLD of crypto when its $500k(500k is important as that price is equal to golds price) people will hold up the last 4% remaining that arent in cold storage or lost. for a long time unles people buy it there. it wont ever be a medium of exchange like it was used last year. not global scale atleast

  22. its funny lots of money can be made trading right now too hundreds of % un mois, mais 1 million btc can be caused by everyone holding.. so its not a horrible strategy. trading and earning more of it is better tho 😛

  23. however they look, the video is right, total market cap of 300b right now. means if btc goes to 20k again it brings the market cap to close 1.5trillion. sens. crypto has added 1/3rd in size since then it may not seem like it, but it has. it might seem like its dieing. but it never left a bull market for the last year.a bear market was years ago when volume died for years. it isnt repeating that . it migt have been short term bear. but it went bull over and over the past few months. poor people who lost there money , people never learn 😉

  24. Im so glad that my friends group were wrong about today but they were off a day about the start of the bull run. fingers crossed they are wrong about a pullback , although they were kinda correct . It did pullback to 7800 but within hours it was right back up. Keeping the faith.

  25. Altcoin Daily I meant could you share your strategy that’s all. We’re all just normal guys struggling through life, helping each other is the way forward. Appreciate your reply, your videos and efforts here. Thanks for your latest video too. God bless your work 🙏

  26. there was news about bad things about crypto because the manipulators were trying to drop the price so we can trigger bots to bullrun this weekend. the volume slowed down though and didnt keep momentum. i have faith it will go up and down which is $$$$ 😀

  27. im telling you, its his strategy. it will literally not be on your vibration. i lived in my car 2 il y a des années. i sure don;t now. and il tell you i didn’t make a strategy by using something that’s already being done, its called division of profitability if you were to use a key feature of his strategy. but if you trial and error you will find 1 that works well, thats how to do it.
    the way that don’t work, is using ideas that aren’t yours as you wont understand all the reasons for it and could be damaging. also means someone else is doing it if it isnt profitable or doing something close to the same. life doesn’t need to be a struggle and if you feel that it is a struggle, that is the vibration. it will bring situations into your life that cause struggle. its a law of physics , u can ignore it if u want. but not advised.

    buy low sell high, plan for a $1000 btc and a $30,000 BTC. if you dont have those safeties any strategy you make will not work or not work for long. its quite literally that simple, the numbers in between are numbers that make you feel comfortable that you have a plan for it all. they are your numbers. in your risk psychology.

    that is how every billionaire starts. its not sexy, but starting at $0 is even less sexy. they are billionairs for a reason , i also did close to a quarter of 1 of those mills and im 27. the difference is, i took nearly no risks. if i bet $1 i want to win $5 or i dont go. and atm crypto , basically any coins will do $5 hors de $1 finalement. peut être 5 années , 2 years who knows.

  28. sorry im not trying to be mean at all. the truth is if any of you don’t grow your own opinions first, its very hard to build the bile-if because you will have no supporting evidence to apply strategys properly, that’s why he says. im not a licensed financial advisor.
    its not to protect himself(mostly), its literally because if you dont understand the strategy it will hurt you. there is good people on youtube with good information. but this guy is looking at his lack of experience and trying to tell people whats good to do, when he doesn’t know either.
    the reason i know that he doesn’t know is everything he talks about is irrelevant. no different from when you see a car accident and everyone driving by gawks and slows down getting distracted and causing more accidents. the most important thing is listening to your emotions and not letting them control you. aka FOMO, LOSS, STRUGGLE, trading is not hard. at all! , its the emotions that people can never master and fail as traders and investors because of it., par exemple. he feels a bull run coming, that’s FOMO, then wishes we go back to august last year. focusing on the LACK of timing. its getting everyone ready to start a bull run who will probably loose 40% because of it. its going to happen eventually, when doesn’t matter , just plan for it to happen anytime or you will rush and panic buy and sell.
    when i say they lose 40% is because they sell. theres really no loss if you’re in the right coins given enough time.

  29. its just super dangerous, these guys have to realize they shouldn’t advise people unless they have years and years of experience, it can ruin peoples lives. he wants his likes, he thinks you make your own decisions but no matter who you are if you listen to something alot, you will sway in there direction of opinion.

    thats all the secret right there, “the secretwith the nuances of trading. the application and willingness to learn and accept change will determine your success. no one else to blame.

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