Pourquoi j'ai plus 50% My valeur nette Bitcoin!

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All Bitcoin needs is trust. That means all we need is time. Bitcoin is stronger TODAY than it ever has been before. Let’s talk about why!

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Stop obsessing about price, Bitcoin today is stronger than ever

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A crypto expert explains why bitcoin is a good hedge against global turmoil

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Pourquoi j'ai plus 50% My valeur nette Bitcoin!

56 commentaires

  1. Got lucky and bought a few btc at 3200$ thought i had time to buy more but then it went up . Just kept Buying every month but regret not getting more at the 3000$ niveau . I will keep Buying until 20000$

  2. Altcoin Daily nah… si elle va à 0 i’ll go with it. je connais, it’s not smart. No risk no fun

  3. Went all in at 5k when I realised I missed the bottom. Still don’t have as much as I’d like so been DCA until we break all time highs then will start diversifying.

  4. 1:23 He doesnt answer the question. And the fact he has 5% _per_ stock…. i would guess that the reason he didnt answer is because it is over 50%… imo

  5. Started hungering @ $800/ BTC squandered the op. Seriously started hungering at $1780, squandered it too. Bought a tiny fraction at $16 K and started watching and learning BTC cause I had to teach myself. Saw it @ $3 + K and bought as much as I could. I am hodling for about 5 years or less and retiring

  6. im fully in at 100% Bitcoin, best thing i ever did, iv been like this for 5 years already worked out pretty well

  7. When google, amazon ectwere low priced a few people saw the potential. With crypto it is more like a cult following. The up side is going to be HUGE.

  8. First time I comment here..only to say: lot of useful infos here, maintenir le bon travail! Merci d'avoir partagé!

  9. Zut, sorry bro. let this be a lesson for the youngns, only marry women who make more $$ than you do. like i did;)

  10. 50% ? Lightweight :ré. Im currently at 85%. The only reason i still have some money in the bank is to pay bills/mortgage etc.. The day i wont need a bank for that anymore is the day i wave my bank farewell for good.

  11. No chance of BTC being used as a currency but its going to be digital gold. BTC will no doubt succeed as a store of value just through legacy & scarcity alone.

  12. @Martin Belmont 100% of my crypto is in Bitcoin. but i have a car for example and other things like laptops and furniture, that are technically part of mynet worthand i have a little cash in my bank account for food. so i cant get to 100% but im around 90-95%to lazy to actually calculate.

  13. Kevin didn’t answer the question Pomp saidhow much of your net worth is in stocks?”….he dodged it and saidnever more than 10% dans 1 stock..I bet it’s around 50% too lol

  14. @Craig Neeve None of us ordinary peeps, but $20K is nothing for the wealthy guys. That’s why I’m waiting for it to bottom out and buy more. Full confidence it will be at least $20K by next Spring, if not sooner.

  15. I bought over a couple at (3k-4k range) now am dollar cost averaging to stack more sats.

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  17. Stupid investing NEVER put all your eggs in one basket .Unless your extremely lucky history shows it is a proven way to poverty .

  18. this is accurate , i started this program last month and the outcome have been great so far

  19. I Think it is exciting and very interesting times we are in ,Can not wait to see what Will happen in the crypto market🤩🤩🤩

  20. @Craig Neeve Exactly.
    People who think it is going to 100k (some say a million) are delusional.

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