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Hey Altcoin équipe Daily,
Today I wanted to talk about IBM's recent press release regarding cryptocurrency. In the release we learn that IBM is currently using Stellar Lumens but they are seeking other opportunity in Blockchain/Cryptocurrency.
Is this bad news for Stellar Lumen? I don't think so. I do think this is GREAT news for bitcoin/cryptocurrency! We are still in the wild wild west of crytocurrency. Be bold. There is money to be made. Give yourself permission to make it!
Comme. Souscrire.

****Pas de conseils financiers. juste avis.

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  1. I remember the internet revolution in the 90s and unfortunately I received bad investment advise and did not invest in Amazon and Microsoft. Maybe this is my second shot to retire early. lol.

  2. The only way cryptos can explode is if you reverse the polarity on the Gnd and VCC of the mosfet registers or logic chips.

  3. When talking large business adoption into Crypto…. why aren’t you discussing Dragonchain??
    THIS is the leading token designed for this very purpose!

  4. Very neutral(non-emotional) and great detective work! Just subscribed!! Must appreciated.

  5. I am redeemed don’t do ripple on my opinion banks around the world are supposed to be using this they already bought an sold the lot of them when they push the price to 3.80 realizing this was not what they wanted to get intoif there was 2000% potential they would’ve grab them all if you go to the bank they only have to reimburse you the hundred thousand dollarsof your account money each account butif they mess up an investment what’s your dollar worth anyway I’m not very much you can have $100,000 of fire cashGreat fire starter don’t represent North Carolina like that making us look all like fools

  6. EXACTLY why I haven’t sold ANY coins (I bought at the dip in February and at the other dips thereafter).

  7. Great point about instituional money! I was just telling my roomate this.

    IBM is developing a blockchain with Maersk that I think will be widely implemented and a cornerstone in the future of transporting goods / des produits. I don’t know if that means they will build off of something like Ethereum or an alt or if it means they will actually make a new chain. Qu'est-ce que tu penses?

  8. Je ne sais pas! It’s cool you and your roommate talk about this though. Just like in the 90s when roommates used to talk aboutthe internet” (and Smash Mouth).

  9. Game changer apparently. Best time to invest in upcoming players like a Sibcoin, very interesting crypto!

  10. Just assuming Vlad Putin is going to take a closer look at cryptomarket after election, and they spoke about developing natioal coin, so Russia is looking good to me. Checked this Sibcoin too, dunno but their presentation video is dope

  11. Why don’t you look into more advanced projects, in depth, not just intro videos. Look at interviews, whitepapers, backing/advisors, team etc etc. Trust me, SIBcoin is nothing innovative.

  12. Stellar does cross-currency transactions. IBM isnt dumping StellarStellar is the bedrock that IBM’s Blockchain system is being built on. Oui, IBM can look into other Cryptos. Stellar is the frame upon which is built.

  13. I have a bunch of weed and need to get $$ for it so I can buy more bitcoin!!!!

    Also you have a great channel thanks for you simplicity and direct relative info. L'apprécie!!

  14. Truth be told. We will be seeing a long sea of green in a year or two. Guys start investing little by little.

  15. He what’s up?! What kind of regulation do you think are necessary in the crypto space and why?

  16. You’re off to a good start, but you’re burying your content in your videos with your intro going until 1:10.

  17. I agree Daniel don’t forget about Banca (Banca) these coins are going to make a lot of people financially free.

  18. Check out NEBL if you haven’t yet. One of the best projects out there with very high growth potential IMO.

  19. Great stuff. I was starting to lose a bit of hope. You totally brought back my vision with all of this! Merci. Keep up the videos.

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