WHY BITCOIN IS BETTER THAN TESLA? ETF Dodgers WaltonChain Coinbase & Nouvelles Crypto!

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WHY BITCOIN IS BETTER THAN TESLA? ETF Dodgers WaltonChain Coinbase & Nouvelles Crypto!

25 commentaires

  1. BITCION in your thumbnail. Oops. At first I thought this was a new coin 😂 You’re overworked man! I appreciate the quality content though

  2. Another homerun, dude! I’m a little priced out for the ltc summit, but have fun out there! Looks/sounds awesome! Looking forward to the “after-action” report!

  3. This is a super classic vide, pour moi! I’m going to save it. I like how you lay it out about the crypto / bitcoin space…bien dit!

  4. Yup I know you’re almost done with the project, very excited and everyone in the Tron community is excited about it. Go #TRX go #TRON !!

  5. This is why im a frim believer of LTC, charlie lee will also leave Litecoin, and not be the face of it. Also thats why he sold all his Litecoin. Most people cant wrap their heads around this. Litecoin and Bitcoin both will have a successful future together and survived many bear markets together!

    Also just found this channel, I subbed!

  6. as far as im concerned Crypto is being pulled down by Bots, im hoping it goes down further for my own greedy needs because i know that real world use is around the corner

  7. You can’t say ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ without singing it to the tune of ‘Turning Japanese’
    It’s the law.
    bien, my law..

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