Which crypto will be adopted first? $XRP $XLM $VET $WTC $ONT $ICX $TRX $NEO $DRGN

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Which crypto can end this bear market? These coins are close to adoption!

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Which crypto will be adopted first? $XRP $XLM $VÉTÉRINAIRE $World Trade Center $ONT $ICX $TRX $NÉO $Drgn

41 commentaires

  1. Dragonchain will dominate when they get 1 big American company. Being an American buying ICO’s is tough. Dragonchain is trying to change that.

  2. Génial “join the dotspresentation that helps investors decide on their long term strategies. Bien joué!

  3. Great job as usual, been in this space a while, only the second channel I have ever chosen for a bell notification.

  4. Superb piece to camera, most informative and best yet. Thank you and well done!

  5. I appreciate it and we definitely try to bring analysis to our segments ❤️ thanks for watching 🚀

  6. No one can say which will happen first. We just wanted to talk about which projects are headed towards adoption by partnering with existing businesses that already have adoption.

  7. Se mettre d'accord, seems like an unbiased channel, not like other channels that only talk about 3 ou 4 coins everyday we need more channels like this

  8. I agree and it still has a low amount of subscribers. I feel like I’m in an exclusive club haha. Thanks FUD TV!

  9. I think Funfair FUN will have a first backed up token, that you want to hold, they are going live with first casinos in few weeks, partnerships are already madein worst case scenario for crypto you can gamble with your coins, the purpose they are actually made for 🙂

    Maybe this will be a turning point for crypto. First platform / La technologie, where you feel you are not holding just a speculative asset used by crypto traders but an actual coin that has its use case and that will be used by people outside of crypto community.

    I hope more and more dapps like that start to come out. I think people are sick of big promises and felling of owning something that is not used for anything at this point. That is why there is so much FUD and fear when prices start to drop.

  10. ETH is on there for sureicon is too! Wanchain listed in our video on bridge chains from today

  11. WaltonChain (World Trade Center) are by far the biggest leaders in this realm. Exciting times ahead!

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