WHERE WILL BITCOIN PRICE GO FROM HERE? + Ethos Airdrops, Coinbase adding XRP, EOS, XMR, and MORE!

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Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales has ‘Zero Interest’ in an ICO

Coinbase Custody Considers Addition of 37 New Assets Including XRP, EOS and XMR

ETHOS Community Airdrop

Ethos Community Airdrop Program

The NYSE's Owner Wants to Bring Bitcoin to Your 401(k). Are Crypto Credit Cards Next?

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WHERE WILL BITCOIN PRICE GO FROM HERE? + Ethos Airdrops, Coinbase adding XRP, EOS, XMR, and MORE!

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47 commentaires

  1. I believe too, but it’s very hard. There is so much positive news, and at the same time the sentiment is so negative, it’s very confusing !

  2. Jamie Dimon just said BTC is a scam. I have a feeling a massive bull run is coming. The same thing happened last year when I got in crypto. If history repeats itself I’m expecting BTC to fall to 6000$ and start a new bull run from there.

  3. Mon avis, we hold on. The whales can’t be allowed to shake us small investors. More good stuff is coming!

  4. All this green-flag news is coming in 2019- 2020. There is so much uncertainly around all this until then (and everything is so beta) that we can get pushed down to more realistic values around $5k (maybe even $4k) over the next 6-12 mois. But make no mistake, with patience, we will sky rocket in the future, but everyone is so impatient.

  5. Smooth Operator – Futures have *always* been bad for Bitcoin, jusque là. Just go research the date the very first Bitcoin Futures expired, and then research the day Bitcoin’s slaughter from its all time high *began* . Allusion: same day, and not a coincidence.

  6. Stop following that jerk off on Twitter. I know where you’re getting this information from. He’s probably one of the members of Cartel.

  7. We definitely going to have a BULL RUN ether this year or nextjust buy the dips and enjoy the ride

  8. I have a question !? is it possible that bitcoin is going down to create the second leg of a massive W pattern??This is only if it breaks the 61.8 fib support. Thoughts on my theory

  9. only matter of time,when the framework s al set it s moontime for a lot of coins.ultimately starting november but could be lot sooner to i think.

  10. I think we will end with a bull run but not as big as some people think. Indeed there is a lot of good news. But i think 2019 will be a much better year.

  11. *I think it will hit 24,000 avant 2019, and I think ALQO will go to 2$ avant 2019 making 20x*

  12. Idk about any of you but i believe whole heartedly that btc will play a huge part in the worlds future. It just makez sense. It can go up and down all it wants and not scare me. Im in this for the long term and i could care less that it may once again hit the floor at $6k or lessits where btc will be in 10 years or 15 years that has me excited. Alors, for now buy low, buy now….buy again your next pay check. Just build up your nest egg and enjoy a happy healthy retirement with me in 20 années. I hope it goes to 3k because you KNOW it will rise like a hot air balloon afterwards. Keep the faith in why we are all here watching Austin’s vids, we believe the idea, the tech and……la lune.

  13. If whales are constantly manipulating the market they are interested in the market and they would prefer big swings in price, so plenty of room to the upside

  14. I just bought more Litecoin at $74 and digibyte at .033. If you believe in Crypto’s now is the time to step up and buy. The powers that be have been holding crypto’s back, there are more of us than there is of them start buying crypto’s with your fiat and we will break their backs

  15. Another sweet video lads. Watched it while on the treadmill at the gym this morn, as I do every day. Continuez le bon travail

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