Quelle est la plus grande menace pour Bitcoin In 2020? L'expert en Bitcoin Dan Held explique.

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Everybody always want to know: what are the BIGGEST THREATS to Bitcoin in 2020.

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Quelle est la plus grande menace pour Bitcoin In 2020? L'expert en Bitcoin Dan Held explique.

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31 commentaires

  1. Bitcoin, the protocol, can’t be stopped. What can be stopped is it’s market valuation, with Wall Street becoming heavily involved in the recent accumulations. They can short it, and use their large accounts to hold the price down, manipulate it, like they have with Gold over the last several years. The difference is this current fiat currency system is coming to an end, sooner than you think, so if that is the Grand Plan, it will be short-lived

  2. What are your thoughts on the Laen Bill, making it law to have back door access to all encrypted devices on the production of a warrant? This is not being discussed enough in my opinion. À votre santé

  3. There is an arms race going on between the big players to accumulate as much bitcoin as possible at under $10,000.
    These big players have learnt how to control the price of bitcoin on a daily basis to within a $200 price band on BitMex and Bybit. Bitcoin will not be allowed to go above $10,000 until these big players have exhausted their buying power.
    Only then will the price of bitcoin be allowed to fly to new heights.
    aditionellement, by maintaining this very narrow price range, these big players will create a bloodbath among all the traders who have taken either short or long leveraged positions.
    These big players are sucking up bitcoin by the bucket load and are all aiming to hold hundreds of thousands of bitcoin each.

  4. There is the risk of a drop or crashes but rewarding in the long-term of higher peaks. Long-term prices could stagnate also.

  5. Belief in fiat is reactive. People have to believe in it, use it because theyre not presented with any alternative. Belief in Bitcoin is proactive. It is a concious choice for people who see a wider, richer more nuanced evolutionary trajectory.

  6. When you need to ‘believethat Bitcoin has value, then that is admitting that BItcoin’s value is fictionI calculated $50 USD for one Bitcoin based on utility NOT on ‘faith’. This is how all things are valuedrequiring ‘faithis a clear sign you are being manipulated and lied to. And saying Bitcoin is not just digital currency but also Gold 2.0 because it has limited supply is also a quote from ignorance because Bitcoin as with all cryptocurrencies derive their value solely from their utility, scarcity doesn’t matter when that utility is common across all cryptocurrencies and other systems. Also Bitcoin’s supply is projected to exceed demand for at least another 8 années, so this crapcoin is far from scarcethey just need more suckers to become bagholders.

  7. lol if they shut down exchanges then that would only increase in value since it would make even more scarce, besides that one wouldn’t stop anything

  8. Ouais, they are definitely strangling the price. Market manipulation can keep interest in it stagnant.
    I should replace, “can keep” avec “is keeping”… The Bitcoin Slug 🐌 is going nowhere

  9. Sorry bro, you probably aren’t fooling anyone here with comments like that. Anything valuable is derived fromfaith”. The problem is, people blindly have faith in the status quo. Maybe you should realize the people who have faith in BTC aren’t doing it out of blind maximalism, but rather an understanding of the fundamental proposition.

  10. I’d like to believe that but traditional markets and the fiat behind them aren’t going away anytime soon

  11. @kpmonty Its justvfake nonsense..Bitcoin Maxies play book..you might hear it as smart money,baleines,institutions,OTC tradesnone of its verified..if they were doing it bitcoin would be getting harder to buy..and the price on a steady up trend..

  12. The biggest threat is that therange of doomremains for even longer, growing stronger with every day :-/

  13. aussi, keep in mind, gold/silver manipulation was easier for the government to do since the futures spot price somehow became THE price. For Bitcoin, that’s just not the case (encore).

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