L'avenir de Ripple XRP? Should I Invest? [Xrapid Roadmap News]

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Regarde cette video! Ripple XRP has just went through a major milestone. Today we talk about xrapid and the future of cross border payment.

Are you invested in Ripple XRP?


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Ripple Event Reveal: 3 Companies Are Now Using XRP for Real Payments

Ripple Event Reveal: 3 Companies Are Now Using XRP for Real Payments

Ripple’s xRapid Goes Live, What Happens Now?


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L'avenir de Ripple XRP? Should I Invest? [Xrapid Roadmap News]

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Créé par Sara Bauer et Richard Abermann

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  1. Not telling you anything I’m trying to accumulate!! Lol I just understood what’s going on 3 weeks ago. I wish I didnt listen to thatxrp is poison to cryptotalk this past year 😔

  2. To be short and clear:
    Ripple is a huge company solving a huge problem. Believing their coin won’t profit from that is stupidity or ignorance. (2nd one is even worse)

  3. Yes do it! Great team, commercialisation & working product! They will assist hugely in world wide crypto adoption!💦💦

  4. banques, travail, growing, early days….yea I think it could easily pass ATH of 3+ peut être 5 or more is realistic.

  5. Rappelles toi?- you said altcoins will go to ZERO eventually. Now you are saying xrp is a good buy.
    What r u contrasting?

  6. XRP is undeniable. I want more. As much as we all hate banks, they are never going to go away so might as well invest in a crypto that is working with them and make some money while we’re at it. Soyez intelligent. Haters are ignorant and have no idea.

  7. So many strong partnerships and the use case is going to be crazy. If you like making money, it’s a great investment.

  8. +Kzee Lewis there is a good chance of corruption but I also believe the people who own that xrp are publicly known heads of a company so any manipulation could result in huge headaches such as fines or lawsuits Plus I believe that a person who owns that much xrp would like to see the xrp do well it doesn’t matter there’s so many points to talk about it’s crazy the one thing about cryptocurrency is there is so much information that you literally cannot consume it all but I believe that long-term all the top projects will do well as the market right now is a little over 200 billion and since this is literally a new asset class I believe the market will be multiple trillion in the very near future just my thoughts thanks for the info

  9. Go for it and invest in it . We missed the lowest weeks ago but it is never too late. I started last Monday and i will keep buying whenever it is lower than my average price.

  10. I like XRP. I want a LOAD of it. But I don’t see it as adestination” devise. As Aaron said, it’s a *bridge* currency, not only for its practical use, but a bridge from fiat into crypto as well. I plan to HODL XRP for awhile, and continue accumulating it. Pour l'instant, I see it as the best tool for the job. But it is to currency what the FAX machine was to the written word. It is not yet at the level of text messaging. As the evolution proceeds, I’ll trade my XRP for the next stepor with a little lick and foresight, maybe skip that and invest early in the step after that.
    Thanks for wonderfully informative videos, and for bringing together an audience where I can compare opinions from many perspectives.

  11. It is at the level of text though…. 2-3 second settlement is faster than a textAnd definitely the speed a fax machine sent data..

  12. +Mike Dowdle I’m not talking literally about transferring written words from point A to B. I’m talking about on an evolutionary scale: Fiat is the stone tablet. Magnetic strips on credit cards are your paper & printing press. BTC is Xerox, and XRP is the FAX. Perhaps XLM fills the text metaphor. Maybe not. There will be another idea that’s faster, cheaper, more intuitive: just BETTER all around. That’ll push XRP out of the way, and something else will push that out. We need to be awake for the right characteristics to become not just thenext big thing,” but to get in at $.0000218 on the even bigger thing after that. I can’t imagine what it will be, but I sure hope I recognize it when it comes along.

  13. If XRP would make the same (speculational) swing up it would be at $11 eoy. Though, this year is different from last year. XRP has from now on an actual use case. $10 – $25 eoy is definitely not out of reach.

  14. XRP clearly has a use case-it provides liquidity to cross border payments. Ripple has established a lot of partnerships already. In Marketing 101, if your core product is not yet acceptable to your target customers, you might as well come up with an innovative solutions that is acceptable to them and will hook them up. Once the relationship, trusts and regulatory climate are already ripe, then it would be easy for your core product to be accepted and utilized by them. This is the Ripple team is doing. Ondulation, l'entreprise, is hodling a lot of XRP’s. It is for their best interest that the coin will be adapted. And we are going there. The best time to buy is now. Il suffit de dire.

  15. I love xrp last year when no one did, but should you invest? It’s based on your morals, where I live xrp will help a lot of people. But take this with a grain of salt, brad said in interview that “higher the price of xrp, is better for xrp’s usecase”

  16. Once Xrapid is adopted by many companies and they see how Xrapid works alongside Xcurrent utilising the XRP token they will have no doubt that it’s not only faster and more efficient but they will also find out it’s value by how much money it will be saving them ….and I’m talking billions, So really wether you like it or not XRP and ripple is here to stay as are a lot of other good projects out there. It’s simply a long term hold for me wether I like what they stand for or not. Gr8 vid Guys.

  17. +Tom Sullivan I don’t necessarily think it’s better. I think it’s different. I think the chain of evolution is radial, rather than linear. Sorta like a target. Within each ring are several options, any of which, under the right circumstances, could lead our aim towards the ultimate target. That also means that many coins in the outer rings will be eliminated. I believe -and have no proof- that none of the crypto we have now isthe one.But many are necessary steps in the process.

  18. My first purchase of XRP was December last year just before it reached the $1 mark and with the speculations of it reaching $10 dans 2018, i bought a fairly large quantity of 15,000 XRP and i was very excited with my initiative until the value started dropping with the bears but i was still bent on holding onto my coins until i met Daniel Plemons on one of several online trade forum i i am part of and he gave a comprehensive and precise reason why i would be better off day trading than holding. He then used his system as an example and provided us with signals to try out and the result was very impressive as i was able to cover up my losses and make wins of over $30,000 in just 2 semaines. I likewise want to help as many as possible in the crypto space by sharing his contact for all inquiries about his strategies, system and signals. I am so fortunate to have met an expert of his caliber and would like to help others like myself by sharing his contact are *plemonsdani@gmail or Telegram (+1 631 992 9473)*

  19. Kzee Lewis – funny guy! I agree with 10% what you wrote! but you wrote 90% of BS! Lire la suite! And Ripple is not XRP, as XRP is not Ripple! I would explain in details your comments but don’t want to waste my time. Educate yourself! I’m not saying XRP is great and will surge! It’s a good company and there is a great opportunity! Don’t BS sayingWe already have a few coins out there that’s showing high speed transactions with lower amount of supply plus a better team” – Ouais – speculatorswithout REAL 100% developed tested and launched product!

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