The Ethereum (ETH) Price is Tanking — VOICI POURQUOI!?! [crypto-monnaie, Bitcoin, Altcoin Nouvelles]

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This AI Tracked Unusual Market Behavior Before Today’s Big Crypto Drop

Ethereum Falls To Fresh 2018 Lows

Ether, ADA Crypto Prices Hit Lowest Levels In Over 1 Année

Twitter CEO Tells Congress It's Exploring Blockchain to Help Fight Scams

Twitter Is Thinking Over Blockchain Technology, CEO Jack Dorsey Tells Congress

Brave Browser Goes From 3 Million To 4 Million Monthly Active Users In Just 2 Mois

Brave Browser Goes from 3 Million to 4 Million Monthly Active Users in Just 2 Mois

Why Is the Ethereum Price Tanking? Here Are 4 Possible Reasons

Why Is the Ethereum Price Tanking? Here Are 4 Possible Reasons

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**Pas de conseils financiers! juste avis. Faites vos propres décisions!
**Pas de conseils financiers! juste avis. Faites vos propres décisions!

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The Ethereum (ETH) Price is TankingHERE'S WHY!?! [crypto-monnaie, Bitcoin, Altcoin Nouvelles]

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46 commentaires

  1. The way i see it is that the alt coins are still on the floor when it comes to the over all picture, hence when it shoots up it comes right back down to just before the bull run.

  2. Problem, action, solution the powers that be always have the masses begging for there help, There more than happy to police the population more.

  3. Ethereum is tanking because I moved all my money into it. PERIOD. That’s the only reason. Mystery SOLVED!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I thought the rest of the video provided value. I announce at the beginning that I will be reviewing the 4 reasons at the end, but first today’s news and a market check in. Leaving it open for you to just watch that. But I understand what you are saying.

  5. Just skip forward he said multiple times he will speak at the end about ETH. I don’t see a issue with some extra content.


  7. Who cares? Buy more BTC at 10% de. Génial. Let ’em play their games. I don’t care. I will eat their lunch one day.

  8. Protocole GET – Putting an end to ticket fraud and scalping

    The GET Protocol is a blockchain-based protocol that is used by ticketing companies to completely merge the primary and secondary ticketing market.

  9. Unless etherium comes up with a good use case and can get their transfer cost reasonable it will never come back up.. everyone’s worried about the market price. What people need to start looking at is the value what is it doing what can it do does it have any value. The whole use case of store of value has run dry

  10. Ethereum started it’s slow death when they had the votes for EIP 1057, and failed to execute; and could have used x16r since it was already a running train.

    Aside from that it does not scale, and all the good devs on the team stayed with the Classic team who does much better work; they just didn’t sell out to rich backer’s and that is the difference between the two valuations.

    Besides being a platform that has no problem hosting scam coins; what great accomplshments can they point too, crypto kitties which nearly broke it’s back, and now a paper, rock, scissors game.

    At this point Ravencoin is a much better smart contract platform; the project that will emerge is the one that is the easiest and most efficient for programmers to produce products and services with, and on that note; EOS is a programmers worst nightmare.

  11. eth’s price may be at its lowest price since july of last year but its still above its satoshi value from last december.. most coins are hovering above its satoshi low from that time right before they had their massive breakout so im feelish bullish especially with btc flatlining at the 6k range. its like everything is coming to place for a perfect bottom so keep your head up peeps!

  12. +Altcoin Daily I don’t think it matters if they do or not people lost faith and moved on to other projects .when people do that it’s almost impossible to gain it back Once burnt…. but people are greedy and greed causes them to do strange things. go against their better judgment so who knows it could pop back up.. cardano’s a bit different though they haven’t even started yet cardona’s going to be a beast

  13. Whales are in total control of the market. My strategy is buy now wait 2 à 3 weeks when it hits 7000 ish sell. rincer et répéter. The volume is low and the market is being manipulated.

  14. Im not selling off my positions in etherium.

    Why the heck not? Buy it back cheaper if you believe in it and own more than you do now.

  15. dont keep it simple, we still have thinkers out here. you can put it on 2x speed if your impatient

  16. the problem with crypto is that its attractive to trade and invest in it. its difficult to chose what moves to make. the real beauty of this market is pairs trading opportunities that are virtually everywhere. i think its better to trade them for this reason rather than invest.

  17. 2012 Bitcoin’s great! Finally we have a chance to own our money and not be controlled by the government!!!!
    Fast forward 2018, Please government take over our money!!! The value dropped 10%!!!

    Laisse-moi tranquille.

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