The Death of Crypto Has Been Greatly Exaggerated. [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency News]

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The Death of Crypto Has Been Greatly Exaggerated:

The Death of Crypto Has Been Greatly Exaggerated, Bitcoin Now in the Buying Range: ShapeShift CEO

Why Anthony Pompliano’s Prediction of a 2 Year Bear Market Is Wrong:

Why Anthony Pompliano’s Prediction of a 2 Year Bear Market Is Wrong

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The Death of Crypto Has Been Greatly Exaggerated. [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency News]

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  1. I’ve sold 30 % of my portfolio at 7100. I’m still bullish on BTC, but I believe we will go down to at least 5000.

  2. Dans 2014 , yes correct with bitcoin at only 413 USD, popular VC, Tim Draper predicted bitcoin to reach 10K in three years. This was fulfilled a month earlier than he predicated earning him a reputation among crypto fans. Though he didn’t categorically, predict a 100k Bitcoin in 2018, he also made reference to a trader that he respects so much , he told us he has a way young investors can actually trade and earn more profits without getting affected by the instability of the market Price. I found in the comment section the contact of CHARLES GARRY who he mentioned to be a Guru on his Field, I contacted him and he promised to help me not only to recover my lost money but to earn for the rest of my life, now I make as much 40k every week from his trading , he is reliable, honnête, cohérente et très expérimenté, contact him at ( ,TÉLÉGRAMME +1(631)620-6929

  3. This is what ppl been saying for 8 years and it has always bounced back and reached new highs.

  4. I don’t think we are going to see $3000, What I like of your videos is that it always concentrated on what Crypto investors concerns at the moment . Merci

  5. Nothing wrong at all. I change my views with new information all the time. I just don’t think we’re going to see another 2 yearr bear market.

  6. I’m to emotional to do that. I am cost averaging on the way down. And wont sell until the end of the year or the next major bull run.

  7. I just love reporting the scammers everyday! Anyways I think 5000 à 8000 until late 2019 is very probable. Just HODL ! Au fait, I would love to see a video comparing tokens that are meant to be digital currencies, especially NAV Coin. Merci mec!

  8. A scam for sure. It’s all over the writing. They are trying to make you believe you are getting something when in fact you will be getting nothing from them. Ne tombez pas pour elle.

  9. Hard to say. I gotta feeling the nextbullrunwill be different than the last one. We may not even see 20k, we could reach something like 15 and drop down again. Ppl don’t understand that we’re not in the same market as 2017 ever since future contracts were introduced (novembre). If you’re not good at trading you’re pretty much screwed, the richer get richer and poorer get poorer. I’m tired of investing my hard earned money to those whales just so I get dumped the next day. Why shouldn’t I be doing the same? We already had 3 opportunites to go up, from technical standpoint we should already be above 10k, we tested 11k – échoué, 10k – échoué, 8k – failed now it seems like 7 will be the new resistance. Everyone were saying if we break out this triangle pattern BTC will Moon, well we went through it at 8k, we went above 50 Moving average and it still didn’t happen. Can’t you see it’s all bullshit and that TA doesn’t work? The only indicator I’m still using is RSI and looking at the number of shorts/longs. This market is fucked guys I’m telling you.

  10. You need to ask the whales this question, we must just adapt to their game, that’s all we can do. We could go up at any given time, all it takes is one large buy order. Same for the opposite direction one large sell order with some bad news coming out (usually from CNBC) just so they can find an excuse to dump the market.

  11. Anything can happen, although I share the same opinion. I’m predicting a bear market until next summer. But then again I can’t imagine us drop to 3000 as coins would get too cheap for an average Joe.

  12. WoW DOGECOIN? Will she moon? New to this tryna get a good portfolio startedAnyone have any opinions? À votre santé…

  13. Voorhees is a smart guy he has debated bitcoin against gold and is very knowledgeable His insight is spot on First will be Bakkt then etf

  14. The сryptocurrency will never die, and with each passing year it will only develop, this is the truth)

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