The best logistics supply chain cryptos? VeChain VEN, WaltonChain WTC, AVEC, WABI, TRAC

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Check out our list of the best logistics / supply chain cryptos! VeChain VEN, WaltonChain WTC, AVEC Ambrosus, WABI, OriginTrail!

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The best logistics supply chain cryptos? VeChain VEN, WaltonChain WTC, AVEC, WABI, TRAC

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  1. I’ve been watching a lot of Crypto videos on YouTube. I think FUD might be the best! Love the depth of the information. Continuez ce bon travail

  2. Je vous remercie! We appreciate you coming back, we won’t stop providing quality information as fast as we can find it!

  3. I can’t agree more with the comments about the supply chain tokens being HUGE. I hold 3 of the different coins (nameless) because each of them has their purpose and will eventually fall into the specific markets that work best for them away from competition. WTC took a bit of a hit today but that worked out well for me. I am NOT a day-trader EVER but took this opportunity to sell and buy 1k in tokens at a time to boost my stack. I wish I had more WTC than I do and will NOT be selling them till I have a free home in Hawaii (currently in Texas).

  4. Wabi has good entry point as its low mkt cap. Aussi, they are introducing masternode soon.
    Bonne vidéo. Continuez

  5. Yeah could be but could also be that implementation is still a while away and the real moonshot hasn’t even begun!

  6. I disagree regarding Origin Trail. It’s different to the others as it’s a protocol and can incorporate/link the other supply block chains together. It’s also received an award from Walmart and the project has been in the making since 2013. It also has a large experienced team + Partnerships and companies that are already using its system. Judging by all these things I would put it further ahead in adoption than the others at a fraction of the market cap.

  7. No mention here on TE-Foods and Modum. This is a hot topic (I have bags of each one u mention in various sizes (except AMB)). Any chance of a review on this subject as a lot has happened?

  8. ehhhhhh it’s cool for sure but a small project by comparison to VET WTC AMB WABI TRAC, could supplant WABI on the list but it’s just so small by comparison (they actually list how many chickens and eggs and stuff they transfer it’s so small)

  9. Thanks for your response. Modum may be small (i need to learn more about Modum). TE-Foods is huge,(probably the biggest of all of them) the chickens; that is just the Halal tracking part that is being trialed (120,000 Halal Chooks). They have over 6000 les partenaires (some of them are the biggest supermarkets in Asia) with over 400,000 REAL transactions daily (not small). However they do not market much so at a glance you might think they are small- but they are huge.

  10. I’ve investigated TE a lot and love the project but would say that all the ones listed are still much bigger. They’re a great project tho

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