Le BEST Craig Wright Interview sur Bitcoin SV | avenir Bitcoins | ICO Escroqueries et plus !

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This week The New Kids On The Blockchain check out all the latest Bitcoin (BTC), EOS and crypto and blockchain news and feature a jam packed 30 minuet interviewee’s with Bitcoin SV’s Craig Wright. He discusses why Bitcoin SV is the real bitcoin, ICO;s being scams, the future of Bitcoin , proving being Satoshi Nakamoto and much , much more. An absolute must for anyone who wants their content piping hot and bang on topic.

👉 Craig Wright Interview starts: 9 min 05 Secs 👈

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3 Reasons Why the Crypto Market is Crashing Today

UK’s tax authority wants to deploy a blockchain analytics tool to catch crypto cybercriminals


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Le BEST Craig Wright Interview sur Bitcoin SV | avenir Bitcoins | ICO Escroqueries et plus !

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51 commentaires

  1. Which is to be expected! The start-up of the Telegraph was holded off till spring. This is good because you still have an opportunity to buy coins at comparable price i-c-o-coin.com

  2. SV surprised me, I thought it was just a gimmick at firstI liked Craig Wright, but I dont think he’s the real Satoshi

  3. Nic e one guys, you really are getting to film everyone huh. Looking forward to hearing what Craig has to say . Happy Weekend !!

  4. Irrelevant? Craig? The guy who created, knows, defended Bitcoin, funds building on Bitcoin (BSV), has tons of patents and copyright on Bitcoin white paper is irrelevant? You have no clue what term irrelevant means, so no wonder you have that stupid anti-Craig attitude.

  5. colinjockgraham he was a smart interviewee. one of the least scammy people we have met in this filth pool . À mon avis , for what it’s worth lol

  6. donnie gebert sorry i don’t understand your ‘ i think’ argument . we are bringing quality interviews of everyone in the space with no judgement, like the professionals we are

  7. Rappelles toi, when the retorts are advice onattitude”, you’re projecting.
    Évidemment, no block 1 sig.
    Évidemment, the guy who starts the open-source revoloution isn’t a patent/copyright guy.

    Craig is a pirate and you’re tantruming children. NKOTBC are selecting propaganda. Old MI guys weed that out. Remember dummies, copyWright wasn’t satoshi’s vision and your critical thinking skills are straight out of government school. 😉

  8. Impressionnant…. He is very coherent when he’s not yelling. This is the Craig Wright that will bring Bsv to the world.

  9. He was very calm and considered , i was kinda expecting fireworks. Was glad i was wrong. 🙂 Happy weekend!!

  10. New Kids On The Blockchain
    There’s a pattern I’ve noticed, when he feels like he’s being attacked by the interviewer, that’s when the fireworks 🎇 come out lol
    grand entretien!

  11. @donnie gebert I still don’t understand your rebuttal to my argument that we are bringing quality interviews to the space not pushing an agenda. I d not own a single BSV I just wanted to interview craig and ask him so questions. If its not for you there are plenty of other channels to go to.

  12. Congratulations to the realization! Now go dump all your shitcoins (incl. BTC) to BSV, and you’re ready to go!

  13. Excellent spot on interview. Not many are this spot on about the unfortunate progress of the internet.

  14. Blockstream, and conman artists are in all out damage control mode. The truth is out there folks. BSV is BitCoin, and CSW is Satoshi.

  15. New Kids On The Blockchain Yes Craig looks cool calm and collected.. frustrated a little but I think all is well. Well done for not being coretards. The proof is in the pudding and BSV tastes gooooood. 😉

  16. BTC = bitcoin Raspberry Pi edition. If you think any grownups will ever take it seriously, you’re mad!

  17. @New Kids On The Blockchain CSW uses ‘stiffas a swear word sometimes, “If you don’t like it, *stiff*”.

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