Sunday Crypto Market Check In! PLUS: Machine Xchange Coin Review [MXC ]

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Hey Altcoin équipe Daily!


Machine Xchange Coin is a project that plans to launch us into smart cities. You will be able to use MXC to sell data and earn a passive income. I look forward to watching MXC succeed!

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Facebook & Blockchain Article

It’s Time Facebook Protected User Security with Blockchain Tech


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Sunday Crypto Market Check In! PLUS: Machine Xchange Coin Review [MXC ]

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  1. MXC shares similarities with Streamr. The idea is that an individual can sellowned” (he/she possesses) data on their platform. I’m not sure if the Streamr platform is fully completed, but at least they have a marketplace for exchanging data. I like this idea very much, MXC and Streamr both. Thank you for the video!

  2. Thanks for telling us about your paid reviews. A lot of youtubers don’t inform their audience, but it’s nice to hear your honesty and for us to form our own opinions.

  3. Very interesting concept about selling data from your property. Sounds like simple passive income. What is to stop them from gathering data on the homeowner (i.e internet usage, power usage, coming and going from your home, etc.)? KITT car? That reference surprised me a bit because that goes waaaaaay back! vidéo intéressante, comme toujours. Merci!

  4. How will blockchain improve security for Facebook? They make their money by selling our info, which follows storing it. Are they going to let people pseudonymously log into Facebook by signing a public key?

  5. Automated Machine to machine payment was one of the major reasons I got into BTC many years ago. Everything you said about MXC can be done using BTC, minus the money grab.

  6. I’m not sure exactly howBut storing data on the blockchain can be more secure than storing it on a centralized server.

  7. you can buy whatever the hell you want XRP will make you homless LOL bitconnect 2 pump and dump scam coin

  8. Like they were never involved with block chain tech until this month! Hard to believe a tech giant like FB isn’t in the crypto field since the beginning to some degree $$$$$$$, lol

  9. I wrote a paper about your house hold electronics talking to each other like the fridge telling you when the milk jug was getting low, etc and my professor wrote on my research paper ( syfi) but I still got a B+

  10. Thanks for the vid Altcoin Daily, learnt a lot. Wonder if your going to do an indepth analysis of El​on Musk’s give​away? tesla-give​away​.​com , I just made 2.6 BT​C so you could say that I am one very happy sir!

  11. I didn’t think this would actually workIm in shock rnMy GOD I just made 3.2 BT​C in one sitting LOL! Beats trading any day…. Much love

  12. Congratulations once again, while other youtubers subscriptions decline yours just keep climbing. 22k 👍

    Mxc my question to you Aaron and Austin is are you or will you invest in mxc ?? Thank you guys once again most informative. Let’s crack the 25k subscriber’s.

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