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Hey Altcoin équipe Daily,
Today I go over some recent news involving Starbucks accepting Ripple (XRP) dans 2018.

Spoiler Alert: They are not adopting Ripple.
Aussi, I give more thoughts on the market.

Comme. Souscrire.

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***Just opinions. Pas de conseils financiers.


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  1. Merci, homme. It is clickbaitunfortunetly one has to play youtube’s game sometimesbut I even think in the first 10 seconds one would be able to tell this is satire. And maybe even find the satire enjoyable. De façon réaliste, I’m still trying to find my voice and keep my channel real yet refreshing (like a Starbucks sparkling tea). 🙂

  2. I get why you did it I assure you but when I received your notification it looked like a real statement. So I trusted you that you and now I know I cannot. And you’re right, I never would have clicked on your post if you had put a ?. You get legit clicks and legit standing by creating something new that I need to seenot breaking trust by a bs click bait title. If this is the only way you can get people to view your videos then maybe you should think about what you are doing.

  3. Hey i saw the skychain banners on your videos, did you like the project? 🙂 curious about your opinion

  4. They will probably not adopt XRP directly as payment any time soon , but as underlying technology to their existing app why not. I get your point though.

  5. Altcoin Daily yeah check out min 02:48 above “3 reasons why starbucks will accept ripple” 😀

  6. Thanks for bringing this up, important to remember. Ondulation (americanbanksthatwerebailedoutrobberyofthepeople) is unfortunatley not going anywhere anytime soon, but important to educate the people of who represents Ripple (americanbanksthatwerebailedoutrobberyofthepeople) and make there own decision.

  7. Starbucks will NEVER implement XRP; because XRP is not that kind of coin. XRP is marketed for ‘Cross-Border Transactions’ (like a replacement for SWIFT). Starbucks (Retail market) needs something on the lightning network…. LTC BCH etc. XRP is not a coin like fuking Bitcoin (digital gold). THe entire purpose for XRP is NOT retail purchases.

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