Starbucks Accepter Bitcoin? Ou pas? [Bakkt Nouvelles crypto-monnaie]

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Hey Altcoin équipe Daily,

Is Starbucks accepting Bitcoin? Or not? Let's talk about the details.

Comme. Souscrire.

Pas de conseils financiers. juste avis. Faites vos propres recherches. Faites vos propres décisions.

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Starbucks Accepter Bitcoin? Ou pas? [Bakkt Nouvelles crypto-monnaie]

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  1. Is there any mention of other coins or is BAKKT strictly Bitcoin fir now? I have enough difficulty deciding what to order. Just imagiine how long it will take with more payment options to choose from!

  2. Altcoin Daily in 2015 I met a chap who was asking me to sign up to buy bitcoin and he showed me his wallet and showed me how paid for coffee in Starbucks through his bitcoin app or wallet. This was in Ireland..

  3. Altcoin Daily yeh maybe but it’s true story. Bitcoin was at $250 at the time. Sorry to say I never signed up

  4. Hahaha litecoin and amazon I’m praying for before this upcoming Black Friday it seems hand in hand , almost Black Friday shopping is done online now

  5. But why would I want to spend my BTC on a coffee at Starbucks? It’s going to be worth more down the road. Unlike a US dollar.

  6. Will this force ETF for Sept 30th go through faster to be the first out of the gate? Timing is everything, I would rather Bakkt be first, this is going to be very interesting!!!

  7. Your videos are useful, Je vous remercie! I feel that approximately the first minute of each video is fluff, bien que. In each video you ask people to like and subscribe multiple times and this is annoying. You videos would be even better if you cut out about 2 minutes of fluff from the video and just gave people information. Just make your videos 8 minutes long instead of 10 minutes. If you did that people would naturally like and subscribe without you bugging them.

  8. I feel like it does help, especially inviting people to subscribe. It’s just part of the YouTube Game. I want to succeed on the platform. Don”t hate the player. Hate the game.

  9. If Starbucks adds bitcoin payments, then I’m more than sure that McDonald’s and other world networks will follow suit This will be a big victory for the cryptocurrency market!

  10. it depends on jurisdictions but that would be taxable in uk. i think also in US. Even crypto to crypto conversion is classed as a taxable event. thats the real grey area

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