Square’s Bitcoin Revenue Increases by $6 Million in Q3 | Ondulation | Stellaire | Nouvelles Crypto

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Square’s Bitcoin Revenue Increases by $6 Million in Q3, Profits Top $500,000

South Korea to Triple the Budget for Blockchain Projects Compared to 2018

Ripple partner reveals platform moves “a couple billion”, hints at usage of XRP-powered xRapid in future

Stellar’s $125 million XLM air-drop explained by Blockchain’s Chief Legal Officer

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Square’s Bitcoin Revenue Increases by $6 Million in Q3 | Ondulation | Stellaire | Nouvelles Crypto

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  1. salut, im Jens ”Snark” from Sweden origin. SEB is one of the largest banks in Sweden, its controlled by the Swedish investment family Wallenberg. They have 15 000 employes, 3000 big companies and institutions, 400 000 other companies small and big, sur 4 000 000 private persons etc,,SEB have offices all over the world,
    I can say this is a very good partner to Ripple.
    I hope we see each other in Lichtenstein soon 🙂

  2. A lot of problems plague this beautiful city I call home . San Francisco is a city of the future with large trends that shape world markets . All from the Bay Area . What is in the water ? I joke .

    This city has three times the budget of the the entire state of Arizona . We can fix the issues and show the world how to live in peace and harmony .

    San Francisco has a deep culture of progression from the acid that touched the streets in the sixties to the medical marijuana that can be ordered and delivered on a app. San Francisco has lead the rights for the LGBT community showing the world how to treat people with dignity and respect .

    San Francisco has faced genderfacation displacing families and long term born natives to this city . The city fills with tech workers while the problems seem ignored or with no true solution .

    Let’s try something different

    The blockchain will change everything. Cities that create a centralized blockchain will create a new future for budgets . Organizing and combating fraud for public services. Everything made honest with blockchain technology . Smart contacts to organize and keep fraud from happening .

    Public services for the public to use and adapt while the technology of crypto and blockchain seem there way into our world . The world gets smarter everyday . It is important to adapt and be humble .

    Allowing the city to Maintain a blockchain that private Business can use will generate more revenue for the city . Allowing smart contracts for small to large claims and fees based on the client .
    Having a high processing system will be important . I believe that the true value will come from the sub layer surfaces created on the first city funded blockchain.

    The city would be a escrow for transactions to happen while holding liability for the maintenance of blockchain only .
    Schools and city contracts held on the blockchain will hold true value for. While time goes by building value into the coin distributed for public services to replace food stamp and anything cash based . By eliminating cash from the eco system except by vendors with special badge numbers the city can take a large step in moving forward to combat fraud . Allowing for each transaction to be reviewed by a public or private auditor the city will transpire into a true city of the future .
    Creating a office for blockchain business will have to be set up . Organizers who write smart contracts will have to be hired and charge a fee based on the client and financial assets . Helping the city residents with rent and holding greedy landlords accountable will be a revolution. The ability to rent a room or a apt with no agent will only be accomplished by smart contacts. The ledgers held onto the city blockchain will create lots of development and everything that is charged will go into the city budget . The value of the coin will go up with time and Businesses building on top of the city blockchain will grow the value of the city coin. Making sure to come up with a plan to avoid high volatility will assure trust from the large public for adapting.

    Who says the city can’t lead the future ?
    Hiring developers to write contracts for large business will be profitable while using apps for smaller peer to peer contracts. Some are afraid of what they don’t understand. Let’s show them !

    Integrating police files on the blockchain will allow for public and private offices to access information . Contacts with special badges would be allowed to full data while public would receive basic info . Allowing for the data of evidence to be digital will help solve problems because of a algorithm that can be written to match similar methods of crime . If the entire country has the files of criminals on a blockchain I believe with data mysteries could be solved . Cold cases with data and algorithms could bring peace to a heart broken family or person . Justice with technology is important.

    Allowing for patients files to be organized into smart contacts will allow for the individual or family to get better treatment with compete data for analyzing .

    Students that reach a certain level of grade for a matter of time could be recipients of scholarship helping families in need .

    Helping the homeless with jobs and health care is important. The city has a responsibility to its people to take care of them . I love this city for many reasons .

    Creating new industry’s to generate more jobs are important. Not only for people with degrees but high school diplomas and G.E.D.

  3. On the article on the Swedish bank, I would be a much happier camper if it stated they used xCurrent with XRP. I got a slight suspicion XRP is not used in the Swedish solution (encore).

  4. Plus précisément, how does the XRP token actually relate to the news here. Are they actually using the token that is being traded, or are these banks using the Ripple technology and nothing to do with the XRP token. I do like both XRP and XLM and own a position in both.

  5. MetaMorph

    Pouvez-vous faire une vidéo de mise à jour sur le métamorphe de pièces et de laisser savoir à la communauté au sujet de cette pièce nous donner une prévision de prix, Quel est l'avenir de cette. Je vous remercie

  6. Je vous remercie! Great videos. I’m learning a ton. I’m pretty big on XRP myself. I’ve made a couple videos on it. I’m les knowledgeable on Stellar. I’ll have to look into that a little harder.

  7. I signed up at Blockchain a few days ago and received the notification that I am on the list. Still waiting on further correspondence, as to how to claim my XLM. Bonne vidéo !!!

  8. Altcoin Daily makes absolutely great content and everyone should definitely subscribe, as knowledge is power!

  9. They use xCurrent now, so no XRP. But she said they’re looking at expanding use, so that may be into xRapid.

  10. poor suckers
    do you guys even see or understand the HUGE disparity between the total supply and circulating supply of those 2 pièces de monnaie

  11. Altcoin Daily doesn’t that tell you that institutions can grab coins directly from stellar and xrp at a HUGE discount ? They will not be trading those coins on exchanges so there will be very little upside and a great deal of downside for your average person

  12. j'en doute. Realistically look at what ETC,0x and BAT did to get an idea about what XLM might do with a coinbase listing. I’m thinking maybe .38–.45 cents MAX from the listing unless BTC is running up and breaks it’s weekly Equilibrium bullish. (closes above 6.8 and 7.4k) Faites attention, not one coinbase listing has kept its gains short term. BAT had a nice run but dumped about 20% in less than 24 hours after it hit the coinbase app. ” Buy the rumor, vendre les nouvelles” as they say.

    No doubt Stellar is a solid project and a dollar is realistic long term, but short termI don’t see it.

    The big coinbase listing bull run was last year with Bitcoin Cash,but that was likely due to the fact that it dropped right during Bitcoins parabolic bull run.

    Whats really helped me is learning TA, just enough to be able to intelligently read the charts and be realistic.

    Be careful out there man.

  13. Signed up but don’t have it yet. It won’t be any more info than coinbase already had about me, so nothing to lose. Merci pour la vidéo!

  14. Joseph Papa I see and I understand. I also understand you are being rude and condescending. Which isn’t necessary. Everyone here is learning. You can disagree but be respectful about it. In the words of my daughter @#$& de!

  15. we gonna have an internet of value and everything s gonna flow via hyperledger quilt and interledger protocol and xrapid.:D look at love for crypto and crypto ginger,they provide a solid case including all the evidense you need to see where this is going in the future.

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