Négociation intelligente avec 3 Commas / Jsnip4 et Bix Weir sur litecoin et plus !

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On this weeks show THE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCKCHAIN start actively trading with out new trading partner 3 Commas smart trading software. Exciting times . We also chat to a couple of old friends Bix Weir and Jsnip4 about their views on Litecoin and the world of crypto.

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The news this week:

From Finance MagnatesVeritaseum Rallies 40% as Founder’s Assets Frozen

From RTWorld’s 1st crypto banks get licenses in Switzerland


Bitcoin (BTC)

From CoinRivert Bitcoin begins violent descent to $8,350

Bitcoin has finally broken the $10,000 level of support and further downside price action is on the cards


From KitcoIs bitcoin about to tank? Self-declared bitcoin creator ordered to pay $4bn to ex-partner


From coin telegraph Bitcoin ‘Failed Safe Haven Test’ After 7% Drop, Peter Schiff Gloats


litecoin (LTC)

Charlie Lee Vows to Keep Funding Litecoin Foundation Amid Pay Cuts

Charlie Lee Vows to Keep Funding Litecoin Foundation Amid Pay Cuts

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Négociation intelligente avec 3 Commas / Jsnip4 et Bix Weir sur litecoin et plus !

16 commentaires

  1. JSnipI sold my Litecornat the bottom”4 and Bix Weird are so VERI rekt & SALTY about their bagsthey used to be so POPULOUS now they sayCore won’t allow Lightning on Bitcoinand thatLitecoin will be the means of exchange for the world” – et “the government and SEC will come to Reggie from Veritaseum scammer for advice on how to run the equities market on Veri scam platformand other scammy nonsensesure any minute now fo sho

  2. sensationnel. I really like your going through how to trade. I will sign up under you and follow along when I get a chance. Excellent help guys. I5s what most traders do not offer is how to make the trades.

  3. Thanks guys for making that smart trading bit so simple to understand. Was struggling a bit until I watched this as a lot of parameters. D'accord, I’m going back in to try again 🙂 Have a fab weekend

  4. Cool dogs! 🐕✌️
    When my crypto’s mature I’ll adopt a dog and name him crypto! 😜

  5. Notre plaisir. It’s a really cool platform but so powerful it needs a little help on how to use it.

  6. Ive tried trading in the past and it’s all just so beyond me, great video keen to see where that trade goes!

  7. you should give it a try! I’m a newbie too (clearly!) so really keen to get my head around it

  8. @Canadian Playboyz Magic Mike Reality is not apreciated hereonly rainbows and unicorns. I tried myself with some hard reality on cardano. I even got insulted by Ash.

  9. Its all about having the best signals and tools available to execute them with limited risk 🙂

  10. @Canadian Playboyz Magic Mike the record shows that if you just do the opposite of what this Bix idiot says youll be ok.

  11. @Karlito’s Way no, you behaved badly by being rude and aggressive to us both and got called out on it.

  12. @Joe Justjoe Thats very kind of you to comment. I suggest perhaps you were not hugged enough as a child. or maybe too much, if you know what i mean. I don’t understand how you can sleep at night filled with so much hate.Must be unbearable to carry around. I actually genuinely feel sorry for you and send you best wishes.

  13. Great video you guys, 3 commas sounds very interesting. Bix not so much. He keeps changing his story in defense of Charlie Lee for not making any progress on implementing MW. Now he is back to shilling MW now that Charlie Lee has apologized and committed to implementing MW .

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