Setting up your cryptocurrency portfolio? Diversification and Fundamental Analysis Explained!

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AVERTISSEMENT: Ce n'est pas des conseils financiers! C'est un spectacle de divertissement et sur des opinions. Je ne suis pas un conseiller financier. S'il vous plaît investir seulement ce que vous pouvez vous permettre de perdre, et nous vous encourageons à faire vos propres recherches avant d'investir.

Setting up your cryptocurrency portfolio? Diversification and Fundamental Analysis Explained!

24 commentaires

  1. What’s up with dragon chain owing their investors refunds?? Can u shed some light on the matter
    BTW love ur work bro by far the best out there 💯💯❤👊

  2. What are the general perspectives for Zilliqa? Yesterday I received tokens from their airdrop yesterday Now I think about the time of their disposal. Is it better to do it now or to wait till the end of a year?

  3. Man we getting multiple fud tv a day..THANKS. BECAUSE ALL I THINK ABOUT 24/7 IS CRYPTO..

  4. Another great video bro man you are knocking it out of the park. You should mention the upcoming ethos wallet and the diversification baskets you can create

  5. Got to agree, video is a quick College course into cryto. I got homework to do, thank you thank you thank you! !!

  6. Great channel man! Would you mind doing another video on your top picks for each type of category (platforms, supply chains, intimité)?

  7. Bonne vidéo! I am only a year into cryptothis information will be super helpful going forward. Je vous remercie! 👍🏻👍🏻

  8. Totally excellent video Ellio!! This is a perfectto the pointvideo for people thinking about dabbling in this space. I will be sharing this video! Thanks as always for the great content! FUD TV ROCKS!

  9. This was an incredibly professional and Informative video. Thank you for that lesson well received. This should be a class for newbs. Awesome work and I am a serious fan.

  10. Great way of laying out some groundwork man! Hopefully this info helps keep the FUD up outta here.

  11. You’re the best FUD. Another great video for newcomers. Education replaces fear with excitement and confidence.

  12. Very, very good advice for anyone investing in this spacethanks bro, you are the real deal ^_^

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