AUTHENTIFICATEUR Banter – Esprit universel. Nouvelles crypto-monnaie

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The New Kids On The Blockchain have a blockchain banter with Graeme Moore VP Marketing Polymath about the rise of the security token and how Polymath have optioned themselves as as one stop shop for securitisation of tokens.


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AUTHENTIFICATEUR Banter – Esprit universel. Nouvelles crypto-monnaie

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  1. très instructif. This guy really knows the problem and they seem to have a nice practical solution. Génial!

  2. I LOVE the concept of Polymath but do not understand why I should purchase Polymath tokens..My questions are investor related……….Quel est le “Utilityof the POLY tokens ? ArePolytokens required for a company to “tokenize” themselves ? What createsDemandfor the Poly tokens? What will make Poly tokens go up in value ? How does Polymath make money and does that flow to the Polymath token holders. Thank You in advance !

  3. Would you mind having a look at Desico and giving us your view? Would be good to hear about an alternative

  4. john kenny I’ve invested in DESICO large! A review would be good to waylay some of my (unfounded!) doubts about the project.

  5. this is my ? I guess to start a security on Polymath you need ‘xamount of tokens. However do they have to hold……can they sell etc? very unclear. Although I don’t think it matters speculation will drive up the price because poly is one of the few games in town

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