Ondulation: “We’re Not Partnering with SWIFT — We’re Taking Them Over” | De plus Bitcoin Argent comptant & Dash News!

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Traders Now Betting 2-to-1 Bitcoin Cash Fork Will Cause Price Decline

Traders Now Betting 2-to-1 Bitcoin Cash Fork Will Cause Price Decline

Bitfinex Launches Bitcoin Cash Chain Split Tokens as Gap Between SV and ABC Narrows

Dash stress test hits 3 million transactions; surpasses Ethereum [ETH], XRP and Bitcoin Cash [BCH] all-time high transactions

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse: We’re Not Partnering with SWIFT — We’re Taking Them Over

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**Pas de conseils financiers! juste avis. Faites vos propres décisions!
**Pas de conseils financiers! juste avis. Faites vos propres décisions!
**Pas de conseils financiers! juste avis. Faites vos propres décisions!

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Ondulation: "We’re Not Partnering with SWIFT — We’re Taking Them Over" | De plus Bitcoin Argent comptant & Dash News!

47 commentaires

  1. The socks are great this is the second channel that has plugged them and I for 1 will be ordering….thank u guys for all you do u have to say i live this channel

  2. My OPINION on the hard fork is that it’s more like a HARD F#$K to all of us….Verr and Wright r fighting like little babies and it causing money to leave this space and we r all paying for it….if we showed UNITY people would not b so scared to enter crypto

  3. GREG L unity is BTC bruh. BTC will scale off chain using lightning. No one holds a candle to the crypto king and it shall remain that way. Ver and write couldn’t last a single year. One of the genius moves that satoshi made was his complete anonymity.

  4. I suspect that BCH, short open interest is much larger this morning. BCH got bitchslapped overnight. Understandable. Major uncertainty in a relatively high priced asset. I also suspect that many of those shorts will cover prior to the fork. Especially if they are profitable. Moi? Buying around 465-475.

  5. Blockchain ledger isnt meant to put everything pn the ledger in my humble opinion. The scaling just isnt there. Off chain and side chains for the win.
    The main blockchain is meant for the transactions that are meant to be trustless…..as in no bank middleman for example

  6. Me again with : “OTC …… Could you tell us EVERYDAY what is happening with OTC sales please, pretty pleasewith a bit of an answer 🙂 BITCOIN BEN is one of the few cryptos who seems to know what’s going on behind the scene in the whale department, including OTC
    Soooooooooooooooo glad I found you, Altcoin quotidien … I’M trying to figure out what to do with my little bit of BTCHTHANKS FOR THE HELP

  7. We are crashing…….
    Market cap is less then this time last year
    But Dips are nice. I like snacks 😉

  8. 5:15 is those DASH Test are in a closed network? and how those stress test really work, they test it Globally? i think there is not enough Data reviling

  9. it is a great time to be a buyer know, so much for such huge discounts, i love it, i have been like a little kid in a candy store tonight

  10. we are passengers not the pilots.. maybe you see a Nose down but we don’t know the flight path 🙂

  11. We got our capitulation leg down, lowest BTC in 13 mois………EOY Bull Run getting ready to start???

  12. +chung chan And 100x times more centralized, just wait when the american goverment starts to force ripple to freeze and sieze xrp from holders that goes against their agenda you will realize you bet on the wrong horse 🙂 With decentralized coins they cant do that.

  13. +No No hahaha good joke ripple doesn’t own xrp that holders own, the holders own it just like any other coin. xrp is less decentralized compared to something like bitcoin because its already pre mined but thanks for making me laugh that was funny

  14. +No No besides the us government needs ripple xrp, us dollar fiat ponzi scheme is coming to a abrupt end and xrp is their get out of jail free card

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