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Hey Altcoin équipe Daily,
Today I wan to talk about Smart Trip Platform. What is Smart Trip Platform? It is a blockchain based travel platform that connects tourist directly to travel service providers. They want to revolutionize the travel industry? Can they do it? You decide. Voir la vidéo.

Link to website:

Comme. Souscrire.

**juste avis. Pas de conseils financiers. Faites vos propres recherches.

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  1. Austin! What a video! Thanks for the mention! I’m also amazed by that platform, and luckily I’m not in US, and I will participate in ICO phase. I can’t describe by words how I’m amazed by your channel. You guys (you and your brother) are truly remarkable. Looking forward to see your next videos. With all these videos of yours I’ve learned a lot! I’ve also invested in some of them and made some profit. Alors, all in all thanks for your effort and time. People love to watch your videos! 🙂

  2. It’s Aaron, actually. Austin made yesterday’s video. But thank you sir! It was a pleasure researching it. Thank you for keeping us informed!

  3. Check out AVA….same concept. Listed recently on Switcheo {Its a Nep5 token on the Neo chain}. They actually had an alpha version of their site up & running prior to their ICO witha few punters already having booked using the AVA token and saving massively. 10 000 extra properties soon to be listed on their site. Fiat/Crypto gateways all done in the background so those that are not crypto savvy can pay in fiat. Now at about 2x their ICO price and only listed on Switcheo Dex so far.

  4. vidéo impressionnante! Love to watch your videos! I think that this Platform have a very bright future and it is some kind of a revolution! I’m definitely a fan of it! And I am from EU so I have a chance to participate!

  5. This is interesting. I will definitely be looking into this ICO, in a couple of years travel agencies could become a thing of the past when this platform gains popularity.

  6. Règlements. If you live in the US, you can only legally participate if you an accredited investor.

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