RÉVÉLÉ: ICE Appels Bakkt Son Bet Moonshot '! Lancement en Mars!!?? [Bitcoin Nouvelles]

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ICE Calls Bakkt Its ‘Moonshot Bet’ on Bitcoin and Crypto As Company Reports Record-Breaking Earnings

ICE Calls Bakkt Its ‘Moonshot Beton Bitcoin and Crypto As Company Reports Record-Breaking Earnings

Bakkt makes another series of hires ahead of launch

Bakkt makes another series of hires ahead of launch

Bakkt Crypto Trading Platform Expects March Approval By CFTC Barring Any Government Shutdown



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RÉVÉLÉ: ICE Appels Bakkt Son Bet Moonshot '! Lancement en Mars!!?? [Bitcoin Nouvelles]

56 commentaires

  1. News for the masses….and a pump from 10% lol.
    We need a pump of 1200% just to be where we where @ 2017. The moonboys are buying in hahaha 😂😂😂 .

  2. But in a way he is right. Its news for the masses. Just made a video the psychology of the trader. This is a clear example of where a lot of traders start to FOMO.

  3. Let’s be honest. People that follow crypto as closely as we do, can not be considered ‘masses’. I’d like to think we have somewhat of a better understanding and longterm mindset then the average Joe who buys because ‘It’s going up right now

  4. +Lhasa Thailand you might not be, but it isnt about you belong to masses or classes its about you get information mend for masses or classes. This info still means nothing but ill appreciate the effort. 😁

  5. Joli. As a long term buy and hold guy, j'étais “all infor the price increase. And of course I’ll continue to buy some btc every payday. If it goes to 5k I’ll buy and if it goes to 2k I’ll buy. I’m capitalizing on my highly skilled living wage job combined with the frugal lifestyle of a MGTOW. The result is a 3k usd surplus most months, most of which I plow right into bitcoin.

  6. bakkt insiders buying in are not going to use a public exchange…. they be on the OTC so their buys would go very unnoticed / we got a suckers rally / will test 3100 and lower before bakkt launches

  7. +jonz23m when the technicals make sense then people need to buy in lol you realy dont anderstand big people are playing the masses. Why is it a bearmarket? Look to the OTC market mate, there is no bearmarket. Just some people having fun with you 😄. This is a market made for traders now for the moment ….but people think a 10% up is a bullrun.

  8. Imagine if only one percent of all of ICE clients purchased one bitcoin!!!
    That alone would deplete approx half of the total supply and send the price through the roof!!
    And that is only ONE percent of ONE entity!!

  9. I’m confident in saying that this was just a sucker’s pump. If the big boys were going to buy in before regulation passes they would have done it at 3,150, but they didn’t, and haven’t bought in yet. There is a long bear market still ahead of us in my opinion.

  10. Austin..have you about some article came out..per some satoshi round table dicussion..INCREASING BTC 21 MIL SUPPLY..UGH..any validity to this???

  11. Everyone says this but I’m confused by this logic. If it’s backed by real Bitcoin it would rise? I don’t understand

  12. you mention insider launch Bakkt on price of BTC going up. May be not or may be i know something then i wont share it coz there is alot of day traders calling out moon boys. lol if your graph a crystal ball then why did you not see the liquidation lol ouch how much lol. got to loved this day traders when they loose (FUD they blame lol). me it goes high i buy but my limit buy price 8 thousand .as this day trader said it will go down 1200 better for me more BTC for me why im i holding? Bakkt fidelity even though they trade on derivatives (fake contracts) on BTC when they launch they have to have ACTUAL BTC so when a customer withdraw they can transfer BTC to customer , coz if they dont we live in internet world it will be spread around and people will not buy from them the gold and silver days are over coz of Derivetives how many contracts on 1 ounch of gold 200 plus owner of gold and silver derivatives, can it be change on BTC yes proof of keys, 21million total BTC after all btc is mined minus 4million lost forever that is 17 million total BTC, Bakkt ICE Van eck solidx fidelity and exchages have 7 million BTC oh i forget Satoshi Nakamoto he have 1 million BTC total BTC in circulation after everything is mined 16 million, alors 7 million to all institution and exchanges 9 million on moon boys holders around the world 7 million to moon boys let gothe other way around 9 million to traders 7 million to moon boys. so why did it BTC up? the derivatives make the market moved or there is no moving the market so much short squeeze from bots trade it pops i dont know im just a holder 2009 btais 2019 BTC, 1 bitcoin is 1 Bitcoin, someone told me when chit happen like this the BTC is 1.5 BTC now according to trader lol i value my kids future wealth in BTC not fiat, fiat usd 1996 Moreno Valley California 5 dollars i get a Happy, meal pack of cigarettes, et 1 dollat for gas for my home boy 🙂 now 5 bucks what can you get?

  13. That can’t and won’t happen. If it does, it won’t be bitcoin, it will be shitcoin #5,771.

  14. Smooth work fella…..!!! Like your style. The next bull run is going to make the last bull run look like play money.

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