RÉCENT: CRYPTO NOUVELLES! | Reddit | Ohio First State Vous payez des impôts avec Bitcoin | Mike Novogratz

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Let's talk recent crypto news. Reddit Post. Ohio Accepting Bitcoin. Mike Novogratz. Ledger Opens New York Office For Custody. Coinbase

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Reddit Post

Crypto is volatile, but it’s *not* inexplicable like this. Don’t overthink this and let fear get the best of you. de crypto-monnaie

Ohio Becomes First US State to Allow Taxes to Be Paid in Bitcoin

Ohio Becomes First US State to Allow Taxes to Be Paid in Bitcoin

Hardware Wallet Ledger Opens New York Office to Develop Institutional Custody Offering


Galaxy Digital’s Mike Novogratz: Cryptocurrency Markets Will ‘Flip Next Year’

Coinbase revenue for this year is close to $1.3 milliard

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RÉCENT: CRYPTO NOUVELLES! | Reddit | Ohio First State Vous payez des impôts avec Bitcoin | Mike Novogratz

52 commentaires

  1. À mon avis, cryptos will moonif cryptos dont get manipulated down bythe criminalsthat also keep silver down by using derivates! Its interesing if Nasdaq will usereal BTCwhen they going to launch their futures…..

  2. This downward cycle is rapidly approaching it’s finally, nothing last forever! Incredible fundamentals like never before are just ahead
    I can only stick with my initial beliefs in this space which is that peer to peer anonymous digital cash is a great solution and decentralized technology allows us to break free from the corporate behemoths like Facebook and Google. Allowing us to interact with each other without intermediaries. This is not just a profitable place to invest, it is something that must happen for the future of humanity….
    Paix! & load up!! ✌️

  3. You cannot stop crypto at this point. Nothing can stop this amazing technology. It’s the future. Even Crhistine is Lagard knows what I am talking about.

  4. 4:30
    It’s like they’ve warned us before 🤔

    We’re building it uuuuuuup
    To break it back dooo-oo-oown
    We’re building it uuuuuuuup
    To burn it dooown
    We can’t wait
    To buuurn it to the ground
    Linkin Park
    #Bitcoin🚀 #Altcoins🚀 #ToTheMoon🌕

  5. D'accord, I am retiring from crypto for now. I set my alarm on BTC for above 6000 USD. Then I will watch the market again. See you.

  6. The more I look at the btc daily chart the more unusual this last selloff looks. I wouldn’t say something changed in early Nov, but that something was resolved; i.e., après 3+ months of marking time—narrow range, low volatility, low volume trading—we got a sudden heavy selloff that is ongoing. What was resolved? We little guys don’t know. But until we see a clear trend reversal caution is advised.

  7. Sounds good,I love the adoption of BTC with Ohio state government.. little by little state by state 👍🏼. Merci Austin .

  8. It wont go lower than 3ktoo much support at that level. This has all happened before and it will come back up againin good time. Think of this as another opportunity to get in low.

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