fuite: Aucun développeurs travaillant sur litecoin? Charlie Lee Mentir sur les mises à jour? LTC sort malheureux imminent?

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fuite: Aucun développeurs travaillant sur litecoin? Charlie Lee Mentir sur les mises à jour? LTC sort malheureux imminent?

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32 commentaires

  1. I’ve known about this for a bit. Going to make a really brief bull argument. The market factors in all known available information. The price is where the price is. What do you think is going to happen if we do see development or we do see development moving forward or we do see it become an alternative if the transaction fee on bitcoin gets high. It’s a functional coin with a good deal of hash rate protecting it. Besides a drop in hash what exactly could get worse? Just food for thought

  2. Charlie doesnt care about price because he already sold at the all time high. So if you are investing in ltc hopeing for a profit well good luck.

  3. Why LTC ? LTC primarily using BTC updates, XRP / XLM and many others faster and free and Lightening Network in future.Other utilities such as smart contracts on ETH , EOS, ZIL and others.

  4. Oh man there’s another LTC video adressing things People who follow LTC already knew about for ages lmao.

    I get it, gotta get views 🤷‍♂️

  5. Don’t be prisoner of the moment. This is a marathon not a sprint. All coins and companies go through b.s.

  6. None of this was news? As in, you knew no one was working on anything that was being promised by CL/LF?

  7. @FUD TV If we were to hear the inner workings and dialogue of every business, you would never invest. I appreciate your view, but this, to me, does not seem extraordinary. Business’s goes through its challenges and some of those challenges are also people conflict. Will it be worked out? Peut être. Can it be worked out? Peut être. Do we have ALL the information on this? Non. Usually when we get negative news on crypto/coins, everyone reacts, time to sell and get out. After a week or two, it’s all forgotten until the next drama. Elliot, you are a developer and hence your focus is on code activity so you are biased which is understandable. Mais, there is a big picture, I believe promotion and adoption is important. Adoption is the name of the game, this is the holy grail for crypto. Remember when CL sold his LTC? Many stated, project is dead, coin is dead, no use case etc, get out of LTC now, many people freaked out. They couldn’t have been more wrong. This is nothing but a soap opera 🙂

  8. when btc achieves new all time highs than we shall see litecoin come out of the dark back to $500+ (a small % of btc)

  9. I think there are holders of Tether coin) Ceux qui gardent cette marque pour une période à long terme ont la chance de multiplier le nombre de vos jetons par 33% on ether-tether.fun/coins

  10. So it is true what they said that LTC only makes Charee Lee millionaire.
    If you don’t believe or don’t care about what you do/create of course it’s difficult to convince others to join you especially if they are good at it.
    I feel sad for everyone how invested in LTC 🙁

  11. Digital detective / digilante stringing all the links. Aimer. Appreciate the commitment to great contentMore of this please

  12. I think the addition of privacy is a bad idea. If you want privacy just buy Monero. No reason to catch attention of regulators. I do believe that Charlie Lee needs to actively promote Litecoin as a store of value the silver to Bitcoin (or). There will be room for 2 store of value coins and there is a good case to be made for relative scarcity vs most projects. Litecoin will mot ever have the technical chops of more recent projects however it doesn’t have too. Take a look at The CoinMarketCap snapshots going years back and Litecoin is always in that top 10. Charlie needs to change the narrative on Litecoin. Crypto Silver with only 63 million available 84 million max supply with many coins already lost

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