Last Week Tonight Covers Crypto? Response to John Oliver

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Last Week Tonight Covers Crypto? Response to John Oliver

27 commentaires

  1. Je vous remercie de votre contenu, contact me when this is a paid service so I don’t have to read the comments of the trolls

  2. haha NEVER! we will figure out how to convert the trolls but we will never make you pay for access to our content

  3. Very fair and measured response. I’m a long-time JO fan, back to the first days of the mighty Bugle podcast, but seems like he got it a bit wrong here. Of course a more positive take would have been harder to make funny, and in the last analysis John is a comedian. Encore, your point about the potential this type of segment has to mislead people with no prior knowledge of crypto is well taken.

  4. Satireif anyone takes what was said by Oliver as journalism then you’d probably need to rethink your “journalism” sources

  5. Thanks for watching 🚀 I appreciate your comment! And yeah he’s done some amazing work in the past!!

  6. John Oliver doesn’t depend on the success of Cryptocurrency for his life. To expect otherwise is to be disappointed. For someone like John Oliver, I figured it was decent.

  7. I love John Oliver, but I agree, he didn’t do justice to Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. I will not stop watching his show, he is good. But I guess, this was one of those topics, which he just couldn’t get his head around.

  8. NonononononoIt’s Carlos MATOS not Mahtahe’s financially independently financially

  9. Btw, John O hosts comedy show and has a team of comedy writers working with him, this is NOT a news cast. Talking about journalistic integrity in this space seems like a misguided critique.

  10. It’s not really about journalistic integrity as much as is about missing the mark on the core topic: bloc de la chaîne. Obviously JO is a comedy based showbut his segments aspire to real journalism at many times, as he tries to not only report on pressing and often dense topic matters. He usually does so while making an argument, in this case that argument was about how crypto is risky and filled with idiots. I happen to disagree and think he failed massively with the segment. Again this is just our opinion.

  11. 5:20 “This was a failure of journalism.” Hahaha! It’s not journalism, it’s propaganda. You forgot to mention the segue from bitconnect to eos, deliberately conflating the two. Eos is already a target and it hasn’t even launched yet.

  12. Actually if this keeps people out of Crypto thats fine. I can keep buying while the prices are low.

  13. John Oliver is not a journalist. He’s a comedian. Just as one side in a political battle can ridicule unfortunate things the other side does, a comedian can do the same to bitcoin supporters/buyers/bros/etc. Did he lie about anything? Non. The bigger issue is that there isn’t much regulation in the crypto-currency world, and without that, there’s a more risk investors can lose money. More so than in our (les Etats Unis) economy. That’s a valid risk. Without any regulative oversight, there’s more of a chance of bad actors to game the system. I’d say that much truer in the crypto-currency world

  14. He wasn’t bad on the info, but he was spot on EOS lol. He should’ve focused more on the tech for sure

  15. Hodl your horses!!! It was not supposed to be educational or informative, it was a comedy. You talk about it like it’s news. I think it was funny .

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