Kanye West Just Got Crypto as Tron (TRX) Bursts Onto Twitter! [Bitcoin, Altcoins Cryptocurrency]

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Kanye West, Ellen and the Pope Just Got Crypto as Tron (TRX) Bursts Onto Twitter

Kanye West, Ellen and the Pope Just Got Crypto as Tron (TRX) Bursts Onto Twitter

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De grandes choses se produisent. Voir la vidéo.

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Kanye West Just Got Crypto as Tron (TRX) Bursts Onto Twitter! [Bitcoin, Altcoins Cryptocurrency]

51 commentaires

  1. I’m single also, but the way I see it. Them hoes not messing with me now,dont mess with me when I’m on the moon! Faits!

  2. When you make your first million all the serpents will come knocking down your door. Hopefully youll be a mgtow by then so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor brother 🙌

  3. What does it matter what some artist or athlete buys? Mayweather, Kanye, Paris Hiltonnot exactly the brains I want to pick when it comes to crypto. Oui, it adds some mainstream exposure, but thats about it

  4. Just wait it will go down even more 5k next stop and lower the FUD is on it’s way just watch and get cheep BTC woo hoo!!

  5. Omar G it matters on the surface level. Because people worship them. But yes I see what you’re saying

  6. +Altcoin Dailly The only thing that could reverse the trend is a cross on MACD and overextended number of shorts (proche de 80 RSI). That last thing gives me a hope that maybe we could go through 7000 and continue setting new highs. But looking at the history, every “encierro” so far was a failure so not sure why this time would be any different.

  7. lol that’s why you’re single!! but u have all of us and we really appreciate all your hard works to keep us all on top 😉

  8. Watching your video today, watched it yesterday, will watch tomorrow.. and that is why I am single. (ok and because I want to be!) Thanks for the daily posts. I always learn something!

  9. Someone must be out of Los Angeles , cause nobody else gives a Phuuuuuuuck about Kenye’s crypto choices!

  10. This partnership with Twitter must be the biggest partnership in all of crypto? This is just next level. This just made it so much easier for people to acquire crypto! #MASSADOPTION #TRON

  11. It’s not quite a partnership with Twitter. But it is cool, and it is definitely a positive.

  12. He might know little about tech, but he has massive influences so if he can bring more people into crypto than that’s a good thing.

  13. Droite, Droite, like the Buddhist do with Richard Greer. We are moving forward now. lol. Let me guess he has a banging portfolio of Ripple/XRP, thinking about some Petro. Jokes of course.

  14. Lol “and that’s why I’m single” 😂😂😂. all good bro they come to you when you get that “lambo to the moon” 😂😂😂👍🏼

  15. well Lol, Kanye getting into crypto may or may NOT helpa lot of people can’t stand this guy and he’s been a tad tippy lately!! …may helpmay not! It’s exposure either way I guess!! …it will spark someone’s curiosity out there I’m sure.

  16. Another good watch, I’m new to CC but with the dip (buyers market) I have taken positions out in TRX, ZRX, XRP (sorry none Ripple lovers), BTC, VÉTÉRINAIRE & XLM…. long term hold all the way.

  17. I tried using this TRON tipping service and was notified it’s not available within the US region. 🙁

  18. Pas de soucis. Oui, I was super bummed about it, tbh. Apparently their platform runs off of theIndacoinexchange which isn’t approved to operate within the US. Hopefully TRON can find a work-around for this little snag. Tipping on social media platforms is a genius way of familiarizing the mainstream herd with crypto and the concept isn’t all that foreign to people now, thanks to Twitch and theirbits” des dons. I’m just waiting on Coinbase to clear my damn crypto (5 more days) and then I’m buying a bunch of TRX. I have this feeling that this crypto is going to make some serious gains in the future due to their clever marketing approach and company ethos.

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