Is this China’s Government Blockchain? ONT Ontology brings ID Verification to NEO! New NEP5 ICO!

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Ontology has been the subject of much interest and speculation since its announcement that it will be released on NEO. Many wonder how the two platforms will coexist, and what it means Chinese government regulations.

Is this China's Government Blockchain? ONT Ontology brings ID Verification to NEO! New NEP5 ICO!

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  1. TheKey will be an ID provider for the ID aspect of ONT. ONT would connect to TheKey for ID verification on a NEO app, par exemple. It is possible for TheKey, ONT, and NEO to all be used in a single transaction. They are partners, not competitors, though there may be other ID verification systems besides TheKey that plug into ONT.

  2. I asked the same thing. Here’s the answer: ONT queries an officially approved ID chain (TheKey is one but there could be others) and certifies that ID is valid for a 3rd applikely running on the NEO Blockchain. In this way all 3 projects can work in synch.

    Think of ontology like an official gateway between apps and “serious” stuff like ID, médical, gouvernement, legal, private blockchains

  3. sensationnel ! Great breakdown ! Probably the best and most sensible I’ve watched on Youtube, thus far. Kudos to FUD TV !

  4. I’ve been waiting to buy this coin and invest in their tech. We’re blessed to be in early

  5. Crypto Nova I want to definitely buy some Ontology once i get myself some spare fiat mate. All i own at the moment is Neo and Trinity. I don’t know as much about Ontology compared to Neo to be honest with you.

  6. Bonne vidéo, intéressant. One concern I’d have if you are right about China owning most coins is this being a centralized coin where they can dump at any point, not digging that scenariootherwise, seems like an interesting project.

  7. Now I know that you know what you are talking about. Thanks for being there and please keep it up!

  8. hey mate, it is not actually an identity chain bro like on your thumbnail…. it is much more than that. But great info, Merci beaucoup. Subbed.

  9. Thank Brad! Big fan of your content I appreciate you stopping by. This was one of our earliest videos and we’ve since made an update where we clarify even more the vision and goal’s of Ontology’sTrust Ecosystemand all of the interoperability it affords. Thanks again for coming by, great to see your comment! 🙂

  10. that is awesome, well if you ever wanna chat that would be so cool. I am sure you are gonna be huge like Crypto Zombie

  11. This is very insightful and matches closely with another Youtuber that I respect. Would you talk about Thor in one of your vids?
    Ps. I love your content!!!

  12. ontology is basically theWould you like to sign in with Facebook?” feature of the Crypto world.

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