Est sur le point de Crypto lune? Coinbase security tokens! Waltonchain, VeChain, Jeton de base de l'attention, $AVEC

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Est sur le point de Crypto lune? Coinbase security tokens! Waltonchain, VeChain, Jeton de base de l'attention, $AVEC

45 commentaires

  1. Technical Analysis does not predict the future. It is very valuable for finding entry points based on probabilities. Volumes are still very low on Bitcoin so it’s too early to predict an uptrend.

  2. yeah but the overall trends are looking more bullish, volume still hasn’t come in but the coinbase news and knowing that Bitcoin is NOT a security will hopefully bring in some institutional money, we have an ETF, even some huge BTC bears like peter brandt calling for the bull!

  3. I was introduced to you and your show when you, Crypto Zombie, Crypto Candor, and Ready Set Crypto did a show last week. I’ve tuned in everyday, you’re my crypto news on my way to work! Thanks for doing this :]

  4. We all deserve some good solid green days. This market has been brutal even though fundamentals are getting stronger and the infrasture is maturing. Great show mate. Love your work as it’s short, succinct but packed with info 👍

  5. Check out MORPHEUS NETWORK (MORPH). Very promising logistics token with an amazing team, low market cap, lower token supply and great partnerships with an MVP. Only several weeks since it hit exchanges

  6. This show is great. It feels like a real television show, with great content and production. How do you only have 10k subs?

  7. Nooo wait I am still accumulating…. lol… ok let’s goI am readymmmmmnooo just two more months… hahaha… let’s go to the moon

  8. I’m an honorary member of the wine and liquor alliance due to volume of consumption. I got that bull run feeling, but I’m carrying a can of bear spray just in case.

  9. Can’t wait for the bulls, Ellio! And of course those nice bullish looking T’s 😀 😀 <3 .

  10. Please never stop making content, frère. TRX XRP n NCASH to the moon at their own respective times 🙂

  11. hahaha, watching half way through and I gotta smash that like button. We do “ deserve” some good news! Right on

  12. as a fellow Elliot, i take anything an Elliot(t) says with added weight. So yeah, fer sher, never stoppin

  13. FUD TV I’ve watched you since you first opened your channel, but my appreciation of your knowledge heightened when I listened to your comments sad insights on that live stream with the 3 other you tubers: zombi , candor, Mav
    Have you thought of doing something besides news?

    You know your stuff. It’d be nice to have a live stream where you answered questions.

  14. he will blow up when crypto gets more interest again, right now its mostly same people who watch crypto videos

  15. Je vous remercie!!! and yes when the bulls come back we hope to have some higher subs. Until then we hope our #FUDnation spreads the word! either way we will be here crankin out the crypto content each and every day 🙂

  16. Great tokens with great fundamentals! Have had bat for quite a while now and that brave browser is great! I think Bat will do well because it has a use case. Just like everyone of these all have use cases. Vechain will do well for logistics no doubt. AS of right now I have a an eye on the fr8network ICO for logistics for freight shipping.

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