I Just Went All In! #Bitcoin

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Bitcoin just broke down to a 44% correction. I just made the move. What about you?

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The New Medici Bank Is About to Take On Its First Crypto Clients

The New Medici Bank Is About to Take On Its First Crypto Clients

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I Just Went All In! #Bitcoin

73 commentaires

  1. Bitcoin will do great, toutefois, this will not be awinner take all” marché. je pense à 5 à 10 coins will make it into 2025.

  2. If you guys remember from previous videos, UNE. ré. said they’d get back into altcoinsbut only after all time highs in BTC! Remember that ?

  3. This is a video I can pass to ppl because this is explained it better than I ever can. Thanks for the great video! I really appreciate the information you guys give each day.

  4. Puerto Rico Bulls are in da house!!! We have also a few restaurants accepting Bitcoin here in Crypto Rico.

  5. I own a full bitcoin, some Ether and Ripple. Holding all positions. It can take years to blow up. Very patient

  6. I bought more and keep buying dips but im not all in yet, even though I don’t think it will go lower I know for a fact it can go lower and it has gone lower by experience so im being more careful this time because 2017-2018 was painful….. and this is coming from a guy who was in bitcoin back in 2013 when climbed from 600-1200$ and then dropped to 150$ faible….. I MADE MONEY in 2013 but that shake out was so bad i ignored it all the way up to 2017. BE CAREFUL…. it can go lower…. 7500 is very possibleand it it breaks lower then 7200$…. i can see it dump down to 6k easilySTILL a bull, still accumulatingjust being careful on averaging my accumulationI think its wise to express tat to all so they don’t hurt bad when it dumpsi feel greet now averaging in and buying dips slowly and surely.

  7. And if you remember that videothe logic is because that is when new people will come in in droves. So that is what I’m looking for.

  8. @Crazy prayingmantis
    Ou…. you spend via lightning to protect your privacy and then just rebuy what you spend immediately. Would have thought a titan of intellect such as yourself would have figured this out.

  9. @fartswallower666

    Average Joe is not going to do that just for a simple transaction when they can just tap their card.
    Too much hassle

  10. @fartswallower666

    So you just spent $25 on your meal then spent another $25 to buy back what you just spent in Bitcoin to cover your loss if the value of Bitcoin rises?

    So you forked out $50 for a $25 meal, $25 extra to cover your loss just incase.
    Do you really think people are going do this for every transaction?
    It’s insane

  11. ​@i_got_worms in theory of course but mate look at @galgitron on twitter’s hashrate graphsit’ll show otherwise

  12. @mememattman420 it doesn’t show otherwise. I can point my hardware at a Chinese mining pool and it would show up as Chinese hash rate. There is no single authority, anybody can mine.

    China enjoys cheap electricity, lax environmental protection laws, slave labour, easy access to rare earth minerals and chips are manufactured there. It should come as no surprise that a lot of mining occurs there. It would take some kind of central authority to enforce a completelyfair” & equal mining distribution accross all geographical locations. Bitcoin doesn’t have that.

  13. ​@i_got_worms You mustn’t have looked at the graph I was referring to:

    Again here is an article discussing China’s influence over BTC:

    Even though I could go onto any one of those mining pools if I wasn’t from China, they are still managed in Chinese jurisdiction, who could shut these down at any points, easily causing a 51% attack on Bitcoin

    Premined tokens like XRP don’t have this problem, and will become much more decentralised than BTC in the long term

  14. @Gekko Wizard yeah damn, its super fast and costs almost nothing and doesn’t crash over 20% within hours. altcoins “suck ballswith their high costs and slow speeds. Cordialement, Warrick P from Earth 2 :>

  15. yeah why should you fear something with tons of use case, that’s super fast and Transaction fees costs almost nothing, POW at the mercy of miners FTW!! ALL IN !!!!!

  16. @RS Familia so much mis information going on here. Xrp is more decentralised than bitcoin. It is also deflationary which means the supply is ever decreasing. Its faster and cheaper than bitcoin along with more uses and future utility. I used to be a bitcoin maxi earlier this year and I’m glad I was, because the gains we saw from bitcoin this year when straight into xrp. Now I’ve expanded my knowledge about the crypto space, I can see how valuable xrp will be in the future.

  17. @@edit name I think some coins are going to exist besides bitcoin, usable and or store of value. I take a risk I know. But the chance of a low value coin going 1000x is more likely than bitcoin going a next 1000x I missed the boat on bitcoin in 2012, I do believe in crypto and want a chance of success

  18. @Altcoin Daily I know that you guys see the comments that are scams, and y’all reply often to the comments that actual pertain to the videos, but can you go and at least comment when possible underneath the scam comments to to point that fact out?

  19. @murray821 exactly, I have a few Alts for this exact reason and I’m completely fine if everything except Bitcoin drops to $0.00, I’ll still be able to have a decent advance by being able to buy a home etc off of my BTC, anything beyond that will be the cherries on top, for me at least lol

  20. Good idea therei doubt this is near the bottom in price or timefrom what i see it looks possible we may be a couple years from new ATH and this bottom could possibly be somewhere below 7k, maybe briefly below 6k 👀 evenbuy opportunity of a lifetime 🙏

  21. @BigJay1918 exactly. Check-out “Crypto Sniperon YouTubecheck his videos from late 2018 before the 6k-3k capitulation 🤤🤤 then watch his videos from the last few weeks🤢🤑

  22. whats in 10 mois? Im actually thinking of trading all xrp for btc. Convince me not to and don’t tell me to do my own research thats a bullshit copout response. Lets hear your true fact based comment. Merci

  23. @grainof salt I will explain: dans 10 months flupy dupy doo, but potentially in 1 month you will have an inverted head& shoulders pattern that will create more snoopy then dupy. Offcours, if in 5 months you will not have an 50% increase there is a high chance that you will have a 51% decrease! If that will not work for you, Im agreeing with you, you should buy high bitcoin and sell low XRP!
    Hope this helps!

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