Les secteurs explosifs dans Blockchain et crypto-monnaie | $ETH $ XRP $ XLM $ NEO $ EOS $ VEN $ World Trade Center $ XMR

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Les secteurs explosifs dans Blockchain et crypto-monnaie | $ETH $XRP $XLM $NÉO $EOS $AMI $World Trade Center $XMR

39 commentaires

  1. Ellio awesome 😎 video once again you explain everything so well keep up the good work

  2. Thanks for making the job of educating my loved ones on crypto easier. Great content man!

  3. vid génial, très instructif. Funnily I have all the coins in the title except Monero, hmmm ….. ^_^

  4. Does anyone think 2019 will be a good year for crypto? My investments are locked for 2018.

  5. You are doing crypto the right way. Thank for being the first person to make a proper crypto currency explainer video for the average man. Everyone needs to like and share these videos…..à présent!!!

  6. I see what you’re doing.. getting ready to educate the tsunami of new comers soon! Nice and methodical/structured vid. Glad to see some of my hodlers, except for ivykoin within the banking & payments sector

  7. Cheers for the good vid mate. Has been very helpful to me. Specially useful for a noob

  8. Georges La Braguette Same here long time but still waiting on Tron to do something way before !

  9. laxthor09 it will be, after token swap and the release of the ICO platform and IISS launch and DEX wallet

  10. You have the most underrated crypto channel on YouTube, and I have watched hundreds of them.

  11. The social media sector is another big one. I’d say STEEM is the leader in the social sector

  12. SENSATIONNEL, these informative videos are TOP NOTCH!! Excellent!! You make learning fun! Good job Ellio and FUD TV!!

  13. sooooooooooo. I don’t love the social media sector for a few reasons. while is DO believe that content creation (and ownership of content) will be flipped over on its head, the idea that YouTube and Facebook are going to roll over and die is absolutely ABSURD. i would argue that SteemIt is actually a failed project (another topic) but why do you think Larimer left? If China had not created their great firewall, there would never have been competition for Facebook. What other nations have big social medias besides china? The reason is they blocked off american competition, otherwise the network effect of FB would have won out almost surely.

    MY POINT: I don’t think the social media world will change that fast or that severely and there is not a single project in the space (mithril, SyStèmeS, etc) that I think has a snowball’s chance in hell of making it long term.


  14. Comme 80% of my portfolio are privacy orientated coins, since I see them grow in popularity over the next few years, due to privacy breaches like Facebook and government surveillance. People just want to protect their privacy, so thats why I am bullish on these coins. I like to invest in the smaller coins for bigger gains, so both have DeepOnion, Nav and shield as well. (You do use the old logo of Deep0nion 🙂 )…..

  15. je suis d'accord avec toi. We’ve seen a lot of FUD and manipulation during the last months and as FUD TV said there is no way privacy coins can be ignored in a decentralized era. More people will invest in these coins as they long for private and secure transactions. toutefois, my portfolio also consists of a big amount of DeepOnion and also Zcash and I hold long-term.

  16. I was actually surprised that privacy coins didn’t yet skyrocket especially after the new taxation laws from some countries that just can not be kept (like Polands new laws) and the privacy issues which we directly see now with Facebook and Cambridge Analyticabut I guess it just a matter of time, people will get fed with all these things and start looking for options to manage their finances anonymously

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