Ethereum Not Sharding Til 2020? HBUS NEO 3.0 XLM TE-Food Bitcoin LN & Nouvelles Crypto

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Ethereum Not Sharding Til 2020? HBUS NEO 3.0 XLM TE-Food Bitcoin LN & Nouvelles Crypto

25 commentaires

  1. I’m American so I’m indifferent haha but I have tons of English friends all singing it right now! Great win against Russia today amazing game!!

  2. copains, does this mean Zilliqa has a great chance of moving forward fast? They are Sharding from start!! I hope so 🤣

  3. Thanks for that atomic swap info, would love to hear more.. Seems like a game changer at the least, if done correctly !!

  4. Nuff respect to you ..I dont think Vitalk would make that announcement without something up his sleeve ..i keep saying so many underestimate the power of well-constructed side chains ..TNC, *Liquidity network* endorsed by Vitlik and also the other new layer 0 network routing tech that solves routing BloxRoute, Hardware based Hyperformance Blockchain ..i think some of these are being adopted quietly

  5. I screamed within the first few seconds of your vid!!! Absolutely hilarious!!!🤣. And of course you always provide excellent news and Due diligence!!! Love your channel man.

  6. Centralization, À mon avis, isnt completely bad.

    I believe it has its pros and cons just like decentralization

    I feel like life is about having a good balance

  7. OMG, great imitation of a romance book narrator, you should do it. Was feeling a little sad. MERCI, that’s in the past now, LOL!

  8. Yuy is the time of time to you and your kids to get together and get together together and see how well I hope you have a good day and I’ll see you tomorrow love FUD TV

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