Ethereum classique (ETC): A Brief HistoryShould I Invest?? [Bitcoin, Altcoin, crypto-monnaie}

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Hey Altcoin équipe Daily,
How are you guys doing? Today I wanted to share a brief history of Ethereum Classic. How did it come to be? Plus when, si jamais, will be a good time to invest?

Here is the article:

Quoi qu'il en soit, great video today. Watch and let me know what you think.

Comme. Souscrire.

**Pas de conseils financiers. juste avis. Faites vos propres recherches.

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Ethereum classique (ETC): A Brief HistoryShould I Invest?? [Bitcoin, Altcoin, crypto-monnaie}

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  1. Hey hey Austin! Thanks for the another video! J'ai vu 10 videos about ethereum classic but yours is the best. I’m not financial advisor but I know I’ll invest in it. À votre santé.

  2. informations grande. To be honest I never knew about etc or the history. Yes I’ll be looking to invest. Not cause I “believe in the tech”, but like the lawyer in idiocracy….. I like moneeeyy😂😂😂😂

  3. I criticised you the last time a little bit. You gave me a LoL for this. But this video I really do like. Great history lesson about Eth. I enjoyed it. Thx for that. Thumbs up. À votre santé

  4. Daniel Harrison the hard fork of the ethereum blockchain did return the hacked funds to the original owners

  5. If you can’t upgrade it, then how is it being listed on coinbase? How is it worth more then something like xrp or trx etc?

  6. Paul D I just mean that the upgrades to ETH wont affect ETC. And right now ETC is ranked number 18 on coin market cap. So Tron and XRP are both ranked more valuable then ETC at the moment.

  7. Hey Austin, great content really cool getting the background on some of these altcoins. Would really be cool if you could do a review/video on Digipulse. Its the first digital inheritance platform, that will launch July 1st. I really love the idea that you could pass on your private keys in a decentralized encrypted vault. Would appreciate your insight. Thanks Keep up the great work this channel is a gem. À votre santé.

  8. Bonne vidéo. You know I token that I am excited about is Digipulse. It’s a digital assets inheritance service built on the blockchain. Imagine your digital assets lost in the ether, if God forbid, something happens to you. Rest assured DGPT has you covered. I’m a fan of the team, hardworking/ bootstrapping crew. Low supply and platform launch is July 1. As much as I love this token, would still lije to solicit your feedback, THX!!

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  11. So the hacker failed to steal those millions of dollars worth of eth? And was the hacker arrested by the authorities? …Not much info., Merci

  12. It was good to relive this. I basically made my first investment in ETH the day this happened… 😀

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