EOS RAM-gate! Ethereum Fees, Status x OMG, Monaco buys Crypto.com, Waltonchain NEO Binance ONT IBM

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EOS RAM-gate! Ethereum Fees, Status x OMG, Monaco buys Crypto.com, Waltonchain NEO Binance ONT IBM

45 commentaires

  1. when you work in tech you actually NEVER wear nice clothing. ses 100% a costume for you guys. I wear whatever I want in my normal and professional life. Mostly tee shirts and sweatpants lol.

  2. was wondering when someone would mention it lol, i do like the visual aesthetic of the suit tho. I will get more soon…. maybe when we hit 12k bitcorns =P

  3. Eos casino. Bet on everything, arrive bientôt.

    I got two guys into crypto b/c of uphold and abra and the apps ease of use.

  4. Careful what you wish for. I certainly don’t want YouTube to be found responsible for people investing in bitconnect.

    They may stop promoting or even monetizing crypto videos.

    They do it with other controversial content.

  5. That the wrong attitude, we want them to feel the pressure to decentralize. We want crypto to be what is was meant to be. Screw centralized coins 😉

  6. Lars thanks!
    I feel better knowing that they are working with the Chinese government that’s is what gives me confidence.
    Can’t wait for it to dip below $20!

  7. EOS is killing themselves. Developers will not want to pay high prices for RAM. They will choose other platforms where they do not have to.

  8. To late to by Ram Eos in last two weeks went 20 times up.. Taht will crash down soon.. Mais 15 days ago would make big move..

  9. Chillywilly, Elastos is a third of my holdings, I’d better like them! 😉 I was just commenting on the cryptos he covered today. 🙂

  10. I don’t want to FUD, but this has been really embarrassing for a fully funded ICO project. I know of a community project without funding that achieved a lot more than the majority of ICOs. It’s a bearish market, yet ONION have new announcements almost everyday. The devs are very committed even when many are dumping their free coins from the public airdrop.

  11. ENFIN,, there’s someone making some actual , sensible videos and content !! S'il vous plaît, please keep this up !! and Thank you.. its much appreciated and very much needed.. ! <3

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