EOS BANTER AVEC CYPHERGLASS! EOS prêts à BOOM? + Soutien Ledger + $1000 EOS? + Nouvelles Crypto

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New Kids On The Blockchain chat to Rob Finch from EOS Block Producer Cypherglass.com in this EOS banter special!

✔️Whats happening with EOS?
✔️EOS Ledger support coming next week?
✔️EOS Price Predications!

Music by http://www.bensound.com

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EOS BANTER AVEC CYPHERGLASS! EOS prêts à BOOM? + Soutien Ledger + $1000 EOS? + Nouvelles Crypto

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  1. Does anyone knowwill the Air drops show up in the nano s. ..( when they start to support EOS)?

  2. finally something good, after the Bix video I was not sure if I wanted to sub. If I see more content like this I will be coming back. à votre santé

  3. Oui, you will still receive airdrops on the Ledger Nano S. Most wallets will support Ledger integration.

  4. Ma man! Rob Finch is a really smart dude and Cypherglass should definitely be amongst the 21 top BP.They really do a great job .Don’t know about the $1000 EOS by the end of the year though lolI think he might have been high when he made that prediction.That would mean EOS having a market cap 4Xs bigger than the total crypto market cap right now.

  5. Rainier Alfonzo thanks very much. look forward to meeting in Anarchapulco 🙂

  6. Nice one guys. Big EOS fan. Not sure on that $1000 EOS bet though lol. If that happens I ain’t gonna complain though 🙂

  7. eth is AOL, wont have sharding/plasma/casper ready til 2019-20 wtf? thats like 5 yrs in crypto. eos is taking your lunch monies.

  8. Always great to hear from Rob, he has an invectious enthusiasm as well as obviously being a very smart guy. We all need to make an effort to keep Cypherglass in the top 21 as they are definitely an asset to the EOS community!!

  9. How I made exciting times!! shame i home so many etc 20 tokens what happens to them in this scenario?

  10. Here is PedoBix’s sponsorship fully exposed:

    PedoBix like people are the cancer of cryptosphere. He shits on others to promote his bags and in his selfish agenda, damaging all in the process. I actually sold my litecoin because of this idiot. Et, guess what, i was right.

  11. Thanks for inviting CYPHERGLASS on for this video. Rob puts out great laymans terms videos. We all need to be subscribed to his chanel and be votoing Cypherglass up on the EOS vote platform.

  12. Bonne vidéo, Rob and Cypherglass are doing a great job in educating the community. Well deserved to be in the top 21! #EOSNationBP

  13. I am not a Troll but 1000.00 EOS BYE is just unrealistic, I would be happy as Hell if it got to 40.00-50.00

  14. The actual bet was 1000 EOS. So if EOS hits $1000 EOY, puis 1000 EOS x $1000 = $1M. Losing the bet will cost him 1000 EOS – sur 1+ day’s work for a top 21 producteur de bloc.

  15. Where do you have them stored? If it’s on exodus you need to get an EOS wallet, there is a help article on exodus to help you get into developer mode to get your private key and set up a EOS wallet. There are some help videos on youtube if you need extra help to set it up.

  16. Je vous remercie, your the first to tell me that. I was searching everywhere. je vais vérifier cela. À votre santé

  17. It’s E-O-Sthree letters, not a word. Block.one the creator says so. (Cypherglass should know better)

  18. Then why does the inventor of EOS (Dan Larimer) suggest it should be said as a word (the way Rob says it, not as 3 letters)?

  19. substation a lot of people have different opinions on this. i used to say E O S but so many people said EOS i changed

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