EOS parachutages Explained!! Will Binance Support Future Airdrops??

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Hey Altcoin équipe Daily,

How are you guys doing? Today I wanted to discuss the recent EOS news. EOS just transitioned from the Ethereum network onto their own main net chain, and we are entitled to perks! Let's discuss how we can take advantage of these future airdrops. If you like altcoin new, you're gonna like this video.

Here is the website I referenced:

Crypto Candy? Expect Free Giveaways When the EOS Blockchain Launches

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EOS parachutages Explained!! Will Binance Support Future Airdrops??

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  1. I have mine on exodus and registered. How do I know when I’ve gotten airdrops or do I need to do something else?

  2. If you have your eos on a exchange after launch can you move it to wallet and get airdrops??

  3. I hve my eos on the exchange at moment because i hve jyst bought them. I was wondering if i transfer them to my wallet now would i still hve to register them ?

  4. karma police actually yes, check out the article that I just pinned in the comments.

  5. I do extensive re search just found your channel I’ll post comments from now on keep you guys informed

  6. Hi Austin,bonne vidéo!!!

    I just want to make you and the community aware that the website you mentioned in the video: Eos-token.org, looks legit.,secure and encrypted,but the top part claims a FAKE EOS AIRDROP,and then ask for your public and PRIVATE KEYS!!! One should NEVER GIVE THEIR PRIVATE KEYS!! (I know most of us know this,but just in case…)

  7. Haris M I am looking into it myself,ans so far it does not look like it….I am waiting for confirmation of this from Exodus support itself. I ‘ll post here once I have a definite answer but right now it is 99% that they do not

  8. I want to know the same because when I checked tokens with my exodus wallet on myetherwallet I see none.

  9. go to your exodus wallet and copy your eth address..then go to etherscan and past the address..then go to the token tabthere you will see the airdrops that are not support by the exodus wallet

  10. When I tried to go to that website about the EOS-Airdrop, I get the following message:

    You’ve been redirected to safety!

    The url https://eos-token.org/airdrop/ has been flagged as a supicious site by the community.

    Please refrain from going to this site for the mean time.

  11. bzylvn yeah turns out it’s a scam website. I got fooled. Scary time out there. Do not go.

  12. I’m wondering the same thing? I have eos registered and all on exodus. I just don’t know what to do from there regarding how to get the airdrops.

    That would be a good video to do @altcoindaily.

    On what to do to get airdrops.

  13. M. Z Hi,we need to wait until several BP’s announce a reliable wallet,several in the works now…. once mainnet is launched , then your EOS tokens should be live again ( meaning not frozen),but to be able to vote your tokens need to be staked and then after you vote it takes a few days,I think 3days (not sure about #of days),before your tokens are unstaked.

    The key will be to select an EOS wallet that honours all airdrops.

    Right now for fun you can go to EOSauthority website,and enter your ETH PUBLIC adress found in Exodus ( under ETH receive),copy that adress and paste it on the EOS authority site,that should provide you with your EOS public adress,and show your EOS balance….which is reassuring (keep in mind though that until everything is live things can change…)

    I hope this help a little.

  14. How can we check on whether airdrop received? Is there an eos explorer that will show them once arrived?

  15. Hi everybody.Can you let me know which EOS wallet should I use in order to receive airdrops?Merci

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