Elysian ICO examen! E-commerce on Blockchain [Altcoin/Cryptocurrency]

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Hey Altcoin équipe Daily,
Today I put a subscriber, "Brandon C", on blast. Not my finest moment but I think Brandon C needed to be knocked down a peg or two. What do you guys think?

Aussi, I do a paid review on Elysian! They are an up and coming crypto company that wants to introduce blockchain to e-commerce. If you want to find out more, check them out here:

Official website: www.elycoin.io

Comme. Souscrire.

**Pas de conseils financiers. Just opinions. Faites vos propres recherches.

Elysian ICO examen! E-commerce on Blockchain [Altcoin/Cryptocurrency]

20 commentaires

  1. I like u guys
    But Why do u waste 5 min regarding some bad comment ….
    When u going to have 100k ( hope this year) subscribers and u have every day a some negative comments are u going to do video for every one?
    U are great just keep with the great job
    Dont forget we are all in this Crypto family together and we need more people like u

  2. I understand your point and effort to single this guy out; but honestly, most of us who subscribe to your channel do not want to listen to rants of any kind. A bit unprofessional. My opinion only, love the channel, simply suggest to take a moment perhaps to disregard any negative comments but only a moment!👎 All other content besides this video has been amazing! Pardon, really disliked this video. Please move forward with the normal great content as usual.

  3. You’re right LOS. I got a bit ahead of myself. Back to basics. Je t'apprécie.

  4. You’re right filip. I got a bit ahead of myself. Always appreciate your support. And coin or news that you’re liking these days?

  5. Listen up if you haven’t looked at ORI yet then I’m doing you a favor. Protocol for creating marketplaces with a working product and established customers already. Seulement 1 million marketcap and nobody knows about it yet. Why hope something that has hundred of millions in marketcap becomes the next ETH when you can go 100x on an unknown gem. Even trashcan coins have 10x this marketcap for no reason. Get this on IDEX before more people find out about it.

  6. Altcoin quotidien
    Can happen to everyone ….
    U have All my support
    Dont forget me when u going to hit 100k subscribes… haha
    Im just waiting to pick up more ZEBI, QCK , PAI , seele to get listed on better exchange
    What do u think about OPEN Phantasma ( ÂME ) ZIP and NKN?
    They are all new listed ….
    Some coins are great price like NCASH REQ QSP CSat their lowest
    Respect from Macedonia

  7. Hi Austin & Aaron… les mecs, your content is great. Ignore the naysayers, the trolls & the internet warriors. You both, regularly put enough disclaimers into your material & if there are those who become emotionally detached by itthen there are plenty more channels for them to vent their frustrations.
    Keep on rocking Altwins.

  8. I luv you guys, but you should’ve kept your rant to the comments section : bottom line is that I don’t care about that Brandon guy. Don’t fall in for trolls and shills, don’t ever give them attention, that’s what they thrive to do. Respectfully.

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