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Hey Altcoin équipe Daily!
I am very excited to share with you guys an Electroneum PDF that is so new it is not even officially available on ETN's website yet.

That's the kind of value I provide on this channel. The most recent, most relevant, most need-to-know info on everything altcoin and everything cryptocurrency.

Here is the original PDF:

How did I get this?
I found it on another youtuber's channel. Initialement, Youtuber CryptoForThePeople got access to this leaked document. De façon réaliste, Electroneum probably leaked it to him because he is a major ETN shill.
Quoi qu'il en soit, he did a review, and although I'm sure he is a nice guy, it is sometimes hard for me get accurate information from him because I know he will never say anything critical about Electroneum.

Alors, I wanted to give you guys this info, and also give you my thoughts. Dans cette vidéo, I review the document and give you my overall opinion on the company.

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***Just opinions. Not Financial Advice.

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40 commentaires

  1. So none of your 3 reasons why ETN is bad is actualy bad. 1)The miner is a way to give people ETN so they start trading with it. Just like drug dealers, its a very legit tactic. 2) They are targeting the 3rd world and getting massive deals, how is that baf 3)I really doubt that a lot of people will buy burner phones to do that. Pour quoi? 3$ un mois? A cheap smartphone costs 80$ min. Thats 60 months to break even. People would rather invest in mining the real way.

  2. Les mecs $3???? Don’t get surprised! If you can have 33 ETNs at the current Hash rate in a month than nice. Have you ever thought about 33 ETNs value in the future? It could turn to $3000.00 qui sait?? Early bird catches the worms so grab free EatNs now or cry later

  3. Chitra Thapa really? I’m a supporter of ETN. But that $3000 a coin comment is why many people are so critical and unsupportive of the ETN supporters. It would be difficult to be used as a viable currency if it reached $3000 per ETN then .01 (the smallest quantity of ETN possible would be $30). You wouldn’t be able to buy anything that costs less than $30. They would most likely have to fork another coin or change there code to add more places to the right of the decimal point. That would be one sticky mess to hash out. Maybe in 10 years it could be worked out but every year newer, meilleur, cutting edge crypto are developed. It is quiet possible that other new coins could follow the path of ETN in the future and surpass it. But ETN is leading the way!

  4. Crypto for the people does not haveall his eggs in one basket”. Why speak on someone if you have no clue.

  5. Link to the video? If what your saying is true I wish this info was readily available. Aussi, you are missing my point. Évidemment, $3 isn’t that much, but in reality it is $3 worth of ETN. SO right now that would be 100 ETN a month. Someone could see the potential and try to gain the system.

  6. The good thing is the Electroneum community is STRONG. Because we believe in this project we are holders!

  7. If you ever see me create a coin to get a quick buck..that will be the end of any credibility I have.

  8. Total FUD. The envy toward ETN coin is Amazing. The amount of fud & hate shows just how great this coin actually is. Competition hates a Winner. ETN 2018.

  9. Altcoin Daily also just to add on the point they have a algorithm that sees what IP address are using the app and if there is a few then it gets blocked Richard brought this up in his video before my phone asks me a few times where I am so it can add it and make it so I can carry on

  10. The reason you don’t like themobile mineris because you aren’t the target. The targeted people don’t care it isfake mining”. My wife does it, par exemple, she has never said “Homme, I wish this was REAL miningIts just a fun thing to do and you get free coins.

  11. It is not fake mining. It is simulated mining. Read the whitepaper. Electroneum is perfectly honest and transparent.

  12. ETN is the first coin focused on MARKETING and mass adoption via mobile. Finally some ppl are getting smart.

  13. Presumably they’ll require a phone number to get your electroneum. Wifi with no minutes means no phone number to mine with.

  14. I gave you a like, but honestly by 4:01 I was saying, “Get on with it!” in my head. Then again, my pet peeve is overly long intros to Youtube videos.

  15. Well definitely you do you. The good news is I really really wanted to hear what you had to say, which is why I was impatient. Good review of the ETN situation. It’s barely above the ICO price so it’s a second chance for anyone who believes in it.

  16. Very balanced review of the leaked whitepaper. Appreciate your full-disclosure as well 🙂

  17. Honesty should be awarded for the fact it gives you a better outlook or transparent on the choices being made when people invest.

  18. I just hate the part where you KEEP REPEATEDLY CALLING it a flash game. Why so much hate lol? Even Richard Ells openly states it in interviews. This is why Richard targets people outside crypto. People in crypto are obsessed with the tech side of things and forget about the business side. The average joe won’t care as long as they get coins. Do you really want a real mobile miner to melt your phone? jesus christ

    modifier: Richard openly says they will be a centralized/decentralized hybrid. Jeez watch his Q&A before making a video bro.

  19. I dumped that mickey mouse token at 9 cents. With all those partnerships and agreements and the price is sinking like the titanic. Glad Im out.

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