Electroneum instant payment LIVE | CNBC Features VeChain w/ Ted Danson | Cardano Wallet Update

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CNBC Features VeChain (VÉTÉRINAIRE) on Tech Show ‘Advancements With Ted Danson’

Regarder: CNBC Features VeChain (VÉTÉRINAIRE) on Tech Show ‘Advancements With Ted Danson

Une liste complète des partenariats VeChain


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**Pas de conseils financiers! juste avis. Faites vos propres décisions!
**Pas de conseils financiers! juste avis. Faites vos propres décisions!
**Pas de conseils financiers! juste avis. Faites vos propres décisions!

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Electroneum instant payment LIVE | CNBC Features VeChain w/ Ted Danson | Cardano Wallet Update

60 commentaires

  1. Electroneum is an awesome coin and has a great team with a determined leader in Richard! England has always led the world into different eras and this is no different with electroneum soon to lead the way! 🤘🏻

  2. What Richard Ells mean by focusing on the 99% instead of the 1% like every other crypto is the mobile devices and the unbanked. You will be sorry you missed out on investing in ETN buddy.

  3. Nice electroneum explanation attempt smh. You just did a did a service to your community. You need to do more research in what they are doing rather than reading pieces of an article
    Let me elaberate a little. Did you care to mention the 20 plus million mobile operator user contracts that have been signed With telcom users around the world. Did you care to mention that we have over 2 million wallets quadrupling XRP and Dash at one year in.

  4. Electroneum showed massive growth over the last 7 days out performing even xrp. Plus de 100,000 people are currently mining. Electroneum haven’t even started marketing the miner to the mobile carriers yet as they need KYC before they begin. When the mobile carriers start telling their customers about the miner and that they will have discount on their mobile airtime millions upon millions of users will start using it.
    We in the West are not the intended market the unbanked are!

  5. Great thing you covered a little bit of ETN. I might sound a bit fanatic here but bear with me. You said that you are not aware of what air time top up means. It means buying more data or minutes to your sim card. Why is that important? They have made contracts with mobile operators in emerging markets to reach 130M users (ofc not all of them will adopt ETN) and now that they have the API, instant payments and soon KYC, they can go launch the cooperation with the mobile operators. Sure the online vendors are big thing but their main approach is to reach users through the mobile operators.

  6. The mining app is meant for marketing purposes to the unbanked. The amount mined will not make much difference for anyone in the first world. But in the third world, that few cents/dollars is HUGE. It could literally offset their entire income for doing nothing but running the app on their phone. The ETN app will go viral to the the masses across the globe once marketing starts next moth (heck, it already has gone viral in the first world and they don’t really even use the miner).

    There are more poor/unbanked people in the world than than people in situations that are able to watch this video and read these commentsand they will finally have a way to get involved in the global market with the gig economy using ETN. Most people simply can’t see what is about to happenbut it is going to be bigger than anyone can imagine. ETN will take the crypto world by stormthey have partnerships with major mobile carriers around the world waiting for the KYC process to be complete around the end of this month. Once complete, the advertisements to the hundreds of millions of users on those networks can start using ETN to help pay their phone bill using the ETN they mine on the mobile app. The little ETN the mobile app gives will be sufficient to pay for most, if not all, of those people’s mobile bill in those parts of the world.

    Let me ask you a simple question. If you had a way to pay a significant bill for literally doing next to nothing, would you do it?

    Follow-up question, how many more people do you think would do the same thing and tell others about it?

    If you don’t have any ETN, it would be wise to get somebut I’m no financial adviser. I’m just a guy with common sense that can see the overall vision outside the 1% of people currently in crypto.

  7. A lot know about it, they just don’t like talking about it. It’s like the Sony Taboo where its difficult to talk positive about it because people get angry at you.

  8. The ETN community is passionate. And any bees about tech completion or integration is positive for crypto.

  9. +Andy H. Tu I’ve found the ETN community gets the most angry at you if you dont blindly love ETN. But they are passionate. Je dois respecter. And judging for this video’s comments they seem to be a little more reasonable. Hopefully we can all have reasonable discussions all in the name of crypto.

  10. Appreciate your comment but this video wasnt meant to be an advertisement for ETN. I read from the email that their CEO sent out. Recent updates. Smh.

  11. Yes they arebut none will succeed at the level ETN will. It’s one thing to target them, but it’s a whole different story to actually reach them.

    Richard Ells already has it all in place with the key partnerships with the carriers that are actually already in touch with them. All they are waiting on is the KYC part that the lawyers are forcing to be complete and the marketing beginsnext month. GL to any crypto trying to reach the unbanked on their own. There is simply no crypto with the foundation to do it outside of ETN right now. At this point it will be easier for those projects to join forces and integrate into ETN’s instant payment system to reach them. ETN is 10 steps ahead of everyone.

    New video just came out. Double minutes for using ETN on the major carriersmarketing to the hundreds of millions starts next month. The boom will be real.


  12. +Altcoin Daily Hey guy we appreciate your work on your videos. It just doesn’t seem logical for a person as smart as you to not see how big this is. Just do the research just like you did with the coins you said you support. Then if you can’t see the upside to ETN after that, then I feel sorry for you when you miss out.

  13. I’m from California, and I know a lot of people who are super bullish on it here and if you check out the community group there are a lot of people that are really excited for the future near and far!

  14. Altcoin Daily Oui! It is founded in Maidstone , a London suburb. ICO adverts were all over billboards, bus stops, etc. Aussi, they have not spent any money on advertising while doing development. When they go for publicity again, ETN will be huuge!

  15. Altcoin Daily A new era of payments.

    1. It is multi-currency. Simply top it up with any fiat or crypto from the large list we accept.
    2. It’s super fast. Any transaction is processed in less than 3 secondes.
    3. It saves you money. Some of the lowest commissions ever.
    4. It is easy to use. Nothing to set up before using.
    5. Cashback

  16. I believe in the ETN project and i hodl. Price for now doesn’t matter but that counts for all crypto. I like to diversify so i have other coins in my blockfolio. Just little portions. But in time i will add more numbers. Also Vechain is one project i like. I also like the website and i will be buying some coins soon. Merci pour cette vidéo.

  17. Maidenhead is not a London Suburb ,Maidenhead is a large market town in Berkshire which is south west of London

  18. their targetting has up untill now been speculative no real use case , ETN has had an app that drops free ETN into the hands of the unbanked right now

  19. agreed @altcoin daily I’m a critical thinker and I do find it hard to talk critically about it in the public chats. Its how I learn and understand things I’m deep into.

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