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36 commentaires

  1. 40 dollars is a crime for ELA!!! I`m holding a heavy bag of it. What`s your price prediction by EOY 2018?

  2. 10k SUBS!!!! You did it bro!!! RIGHT ON! Bon travail, Elliot! À votre santé! Here’s to the next 10k subs and the best crypto channel on youtube!

  3. Great review! I guess it’s so hard to squeeze Elastos into 10minutes. Would be nice if you make a deep dive (30minutes or more) about this Gem.

  4. Price depends on how big we can get bitcoin toif BTC drags so will the rest of the marketat least this year. Conservatively id say $ELA over $200 by EOY

  5. Yeah I could spend 10 minutes explaining any single bullet point!! I do my best to pack the info in, hope you enjoyed it!

  6. Absolument! Your content is always impressive and helpful. I really appreciate your coverage of crypto news, thorough research for analysis of crypto assets, and hard work getting all of these quality videos out so frequently. Keep going and growing!

  7. Proud to say I been watching since late February. FUD put me on ELA♥️
    Your diligence is being rewarded cheers to another 10K!

  8. Anyone that has done any actual research should come to the conclusion that this is going to be massive. Low circulating supply low total supply low market cap. Only on 2 smaller exchanges. I’m super bullish!

  9. I saw you on crypto zombie stream, great job!!! You have very valuable contentplease do more livestreams! Je vous remercie.

  10. Génial, albeit short, video on Elastos.There’s lots to cover. Congrats making it to 10k subsnow on to 100k no doubt! 😃👍

  11. What about your predictions? The reality is that ELA drops way more than other coins and even keeps falling when others bounce back.

  12. No matter the price of elastos. The future is extremely bright for elastos. This is by far the absolute best blockchain project

  13. +Bazos Marek We might even see lower prices in a few days since lockup period ends for angel investors.

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