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Intro: 0:00
Crypto Mom: 0:43
BNB ATH: 2:38
NiceHash: 4:03
distributeurs automatiques de billets Bitcoin: 5:00
Réseau foudre: 5:20
Mt. Gox is Back: 6:11
Gaming Update: 8:00
Facebook Thriving: 9:50
Novogratz Bullish: 10:15
Venezuela BTC: 11:20
Global Money Chart: 12:02
Krown TA: 13:50
Dervatives & Options: 39:53

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AVERTISSEMENT: Ce n'est pas des conseils financiers! C'est un spectacle de divertissement et sur des opinions. Je ne suis pas un conseiller financier. S'il vous plaît investir seulement ce que vous pouvez vous permettre de perdre, et nous vous encourageons à faire vos propres recherches avant d'investir. dyor!

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34 commentaires

  1. I bought more BNB coin under $6.50 but only enough for my trades on Binanace for 2019. I can’t see loading up on this coin at this price but maybe if it falls back to to that $6.50 niveau. Probably be a good Idea.

  2. Thanks for breaking down Krown’s TA points into more layman terms summariesreally helps outsiders understand the concepts!

  3. Nice hash has it correct. Dystopian or free market? Maybe Nice hash is saving morons from investing in bullshit.

  4. Its amazing that Dorsey is pro bitcoin because he certainly isnt pro speech. And that is exactly what a free market in money is.

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