DON’T BE FOOLED: Bitcoin est là pour rester [Nouvelles crypto-monnaie]

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Hey Altcoin équipe Daily!!

Oui! Vous allez aimer cette vidéo. Aujourd'hui, je veux parler de Bitcoin.

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Coinbase is an $8 billion company, according to a reported new $500 million funding round

Charles Schwab Exec Joins Coinbase Board

Mining Giant Bitmain Acquires Bitcoin Cash Wallet Startup

Mining Giant Bitmain Acquires Bitcoin Cash Wallet Startup

New Cardano Wallet Yoroi Is Released on the Mainnet

New Cardano Wallet Yoroi Is Released on the Mainnet

Trump Appointee And CFTC Chairman Says ‘Crypto Is Here To Stay’

Trump Appointee and CFTC Chairman says ‘Crypto is Here to Stay

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**Pas de conseils financiers! juste avis. Faites vos propres décisions!
**Pas de conseils financiers! juste avis. Faites vos propres décisions!
**Pas de conseils financiers! juste avis. Faites vos propres décisions!

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DON'T BE FOOLED: Bitcoin est là pour rester [Nouvelles crypto-monnaie]

62 commentaires

  1. Since you made me buy METM I need to it to make it to $10.00 at least to get a nice profit! 10 X 10000 = 100 000 – 180 = 99 820.

  2. Now I am waiting for Cardano, VeChain, GoChain, and MetaMorph! If each of them make it to $10.00 I will have 500 000 dollars!

  3. Looks like a nice guy.

    LOL, I genuinely appreciate that comment! Always enjoy the vids, thanks AD

  4. I would say probably not. You can get lightcoin on many other popular exchanges. And Newbies are the ones that would be fomoing once it hits the market. And not a lot of new people are entering the market right now.

  5. Populous really undervalued, it went to $70 dans 2017. They don’t have much of any competition in their sector for invoicing.
    Cloak has 1/3 supply of Monero and has better technology that has been audited Nasdaq cyber security team.

  6. je suis d'accord. Cloak is a fantastic coin that has only 5 millions de pièces. Populous gets you 30% P.A. once their platform goes live which could be any day now. Great picks!

  7. i would say safe exchange coin will be best performer in q4. they will have their marketplace released by end of november. i see it outperforming all altcoins due to the marketplace being an amazon equivalent for cryptocurrencies

  8. when i researched ppt i saw way too many red flags there myself. But i got no interested in argue about it. Each to their own research and altcoin 😉

  9. Bonne vidéo!!! Can you look into including ontology, elastos, and vechain to your top alts video you do? If you want a challenge maybe NKN too 🙂

  10. Instructional money is already in crypto. Do not think smart money has not already found out how to get in. I am with you..I want BTC to rise as well. I still see BTC going further down before the rise up. Nice video..thank you for your work.

  11. Thats cool. I did heavy DD (im in Slack Populous) and they are finalizing the platform. A few invoices have come up already as a few have gotten some bites. One person in Slack is set to get 2.4% interest for 30 days that’s due in mid October. PPT has been gettinFUD but things are shaping up.

  12. Par exemple, if I have apollo or pundi x in binance, and I keep it there, and soon or late it will have to get a airdrop, will it be airdropped automatically?

  13. Always prepare to do the opposite to what mainstream media are saying, if they’re saying BTC is dead then you can be sure a large rally is incoming and the time is to buy. When it pumps over xmas, the media will be covering it, advertising the massive gains and the price. It is then that you will know that its time to sell.

  14. What we need is a mass adoption of at least one of the 2000 or so crypto projects. Pour l'instant, crypto projects have not proven to be useful in terms of mass adoption. Expect prices to remain stagnant for the short to medium term.

  15. +superman trolling the comment section, hein? I see you. I’m still bullish the market will rise by years end

  16. Alors…. I should sell my crypto and invest in the Coinbase company? JK. I know you are not a financial advisor.
    Oui, I’m listening. Alors… non, I don’t think BTC is dead. As for Q4 alts, I am hoping that ETH, and XRP perform well, but that’s just because I own some. Maybe the competition for 2nd place will push them both forward? Merci pour la vidéo!

  17. Btc is NOT dead or going away in my and I’m sure in others opinions good old Media fud is a reason why crypto’s struggle to flourish and I’ve noticed this while only being into crypto for under a year. Looking forward to that top 6 altcoin for Q4 video. Grande équipe de travail

  18. Eth will have a resurgence for sure, imo. And look forward to tomorrows vid. It’s all about xrp

  19. Altcoin Daily today btc starts rally after touching 6400 if btc breaks above 7k then it is big good news

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