N'ATTEND PAS: Ne faites pas l'erreur même I Did! Bitcoin Big Picture | +JP Morgan Les changements esprit

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Bitcoin Big Picture | New Analysis | JP Morgan Now Giving Reports On Bitcoin’s Intrinsic Value |

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SEC Postpones Decision on VanEck/SolidX Filing in Latest Bitcoin ETF Setback

SEC Delays Decision on VanEck/SolidX Filing in Latest Bitcoin ETF Setback

Tweet: Jake Chervinsky ETF update

A Surprise from JPMorgan: 'Bitcoin Has Intrinsic Value'

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N'ATTEND PAS: Ne faites pas l'erreur même I Did! Bitcoin Big Picture | +JP Morgan Les changements esprit

54 commentaires

  1. The big “N'ATTEND PAS” in your title contradicts your claim that you’re not trying to create FOMO.

  2. Thank u for the video and thanks for being honest for your investment
    Im dollar cost everything what can I afford from 19k till 3k and till today….
    Probably will continue for all 2019 just put small amount from every paycheck
    Big picture is Much Bigger for CRYPTO….

  3. I am driving to Los Angeles and listen to your show. Technology is great.
    I have been showing my son how to use cash and coins. He says crypto is better. He is seven. The new generation likes digital products.

    I like using alts to gather my Btc, matic just popped, mAde almost half a bitcoin. Bought matic at 0.00 USD. .00000033 BTC. It hit .04 cents about hour ago. I stopped at truck stop to check my laptop

  4. When they will start the etfThat will be the time to sell your btc. So no they will postpone until 200k BTC 🙂 or more

  5. It’s further confirmation that the long-term bull run has started and the ribbon will act as support. If that doesn’t convince Tone Vays the bull run has started, I don’t know what will. But it’s still the early days of a bull run, so it’s not surprising some people think this is a sucker’s rally.

  6. +Altcoin quotidien
    It is not legal it is so hard to buy takes days to put some money….
    National bank says is used for bed things they dont SEE THE BIG picture
    Probably will be to late when they say it is legal
    If you see Slovenia is rocking up with crypto..they did the first BTC monument 2018

  7. Entièrement d'accord. grande vid. Those of us that see the bigger picture usually achieve more than those that don’t. 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  8. Best channel. You don’t have to remind me to like, I always do it before watching the video, because I know it will provide huge amounts of value to the crypto community! Je vous remercie!

  9. Altcoin Daily Actually, dollar cost averaging is a sign of FOMO. The vast majority of people who got rekt in this market have been told to “dollar cost average” since the $15k and $10k levels. How did that work out for them? They’re still holding bags and got royally screwed.

  10. There is no channel called Bitcoin Daily as far as I am aware…. perhaps you boys need to change the name? 🤣🤣
    Love your work 👍

  11. Antonia Delgado It also proved that it can correct 50% in a single day and more than 90% longer term.

  12. Thankyou for making this video. I am now certain we will be crashing down to $6400 by the end of the week.

  13. I don’t follow Daily but when you do big pic video I’ll definitely watch.geat job been meaning to thank you for introductions to Bob Lucas

  14. Somehow you are picking the most interesting news and present them concisely and crisp. Merci beaucoup.

  15. +Altcoin Daily my comment was in good intention, though open for interpretations….you produce good content, keep it up bro, unless i break even, i do D.C.A, no matter prices is @8k or 800BTFD is the motto here !! 🙂

  16. Altcoin Daily I love seeing the bears getting repeatedly wrecked, then they preach their negativity/doom and gloom on everyone else because the train left them at the station

  17. I think he means when it hits 10k and higher that’s when people are gonna FOMO in, at sub 8k currently still good bruh

  18. Love the long term view. My own strategy is to buy on dips and hold for long term. I don’t much dabble in alts, and plan on scaling out of most of them for BTC, ETH and LTC little by little. Long term is where it’s at for some of us who just flat out don’t have the nerve to even attempt trading most of the time.

    With rampant manipulation and the surprise move (et maintenir) above 6k for BTC, there’s no telling where we will go pricewise. I prefer being in crypto than fiat, especially when the raging bull could come stampeding out at any moment.

  19. +MILLENIALL INVESTOR Only litecoin is halving this year. Bitcoin est 1 year and couple of days away and bitcoins peaks 1.5 years after halving so we are looking at 2022 for the peak.

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