Nouvelles quotidiennes Crypto: Nano Fork? Telegram Scam? Vechain + Louis Vuitton, Petro Required? Bitcoin LN

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Nouvelles quotidiennes Crypto: Nano Fork? Petro Required? Telegram Scam? Vechain + Louis Vuitton, Bitcoin LN

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Nouvelles quotidiennes Crypto: Nano Fork? Telegram Scam? Vechain + Louis Vuitton, Petro Required? Bitcoin LN

21 commentaires

  1. Today’s crash from over7k to 6600 was obviously correlated to stock market dip. just the same hour. wanna hear your comment on this) why crypto become more and more dependent on non-related politics?

  2. 2nd round results for the NEX lottery were released yesterday, so the pump was likely those lucky individuals loading up for the ICO. Aussi, Polymath has a cool competition on Twitter which involves NHL playoff predictions, if like me, hockey is your thing!


  3. Une autre grande vidéo, Elliot. Super bully on vechain. Ses 70% of my bags. Sunnny is the man.

  4. Another super insightful video my guy, continuez! One update you missed was a new Decentralized exchange called Upcoin actually getting prepared to open up for trading. One of the first altcoins that it will be listing is Digipulse (DGPT), which is a digital inheritance coin that focuses on digital wills by utilizing a digital vault. Should be a really big coin in the future because I have no doubt we’ll be seeing some crypto multi-millionaires in the very near future! Would love to see you feature it in one of your videos. I think you’ll be impressed by the idea and their unique approach.

  5. Why would anyone partner with them? Their wraith protocol doesn’t even workdudes terrible at keeping his word etc. make money but dip out n don’t get burned b the exit scam people!

  6. Isn’t ONT being pumped? Like all the NEO people or even straight up the CH gov who want this to go big and help them establish the coin and the trackability that comes with it?

  7. I absolutely love Neo. Been looking at at an unknown working product called Achain lately. Anyone looked at Achain as it looks good for massive price increases.

  8. Xvg is announcing a major partnership the 17th . They claim this has potential to launch them into the number 3 spot on cmc. They are also in the process of getting out a verge and token pay debit card. Token pay has made a deal with a German bank to issue these cards. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out seeing how literary didn’t happen. This could be huge for token pay and xvg.

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