TOUTES LES TITRES SONT ICOs? $100 M Huobi Blockchain! Binance Fiat paires Crypto | BTC World Trade Center TRAC GVT

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TOUTES LES TITRES SONT ICOs? $100 M Huobi Blockchain! Binance Fiat paires Crypto | BTC World Trade Center TRAC GVT

44 commentaires

  1. 250b per year!!! Holy TRAC tokens batman!!! Go ORIGIN TRAIL! StroganoffLoad the Dip!!!

  2. Content Master love ur channel bro just keeps getting better and better 💯💯💯💯💯❤❤❤❤

  3. Bless up my friend we appreciate your kind words and won’t be stopping til the crypto community includes every last human on earth 🚀🚀🚀

  4. Awesome content, silitec is the hardware subsidiary of waltonchain… it is still waltonchain creating the chips lolthe offices are in the same building too which is cool!

  5. ok now this is officially my top crypto channel!
    Thanks for your efforts, it is much appreciated!
    please keep them coming

  6. Haha thank you.. FUD TV. This time next year 250k subs and FUD ico ready to go!

  7. Mec, you are the best news channel by far, no one comes close in my opinion, thanks for your hard work

  8. Most of utility token are made to be used on a network to get added value services, many of them are also paying diividends for DPOS/POS consensus as the result of securing the network ( this can viewed as a paid service). definetely not a security, though it can be viewed as a dividend generated asset, those SEC guys will have to dig deeper in the understanding of crypto assets

  9. I certainly see that side of the argument but the SEC isn’t the most nimble body, Le temps nous le dira

  10. FUD TV posted this on their sub reddit and we’ve been signing your praises in the telegram 🤘🏻

  11. Shot you a message, OT’s CMO Maja wanted to hook you up with some thank you swag.

  12. First time i’ve watched. Really professional output, will definitely watch often!

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