$7T Bitcoin Trading Desk semaines? ETH PoS coming soon? FB partenaires Coin Visa + MasterCard?

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$7T Bitcoin Trading Desk semaines? ETH PoS coming soon? FB partenaires Coin Visa + MasterCard?

24 commentaires

  1. I would strongly recommend that you look into the defi projects being built on Ethereum like MKR and REP. I think things like this will make ETH a powerhouse that is here to stay. + ETH futures gonna launch

  2. Big players taking over crypto is shiiit. Get ready for censorship, KYC, and taxes.

  3. Also ask Roger if there are any defi projects that will be built on BCH like an equivalent to MakerDAO

  4. i have no idea how someone really could favour tron over ethare you guys for real?? 😀

  5. I no longer trade against BTC any BTC that I buy is HODL any alts are traded against a stable coin or ETH . Thinking that LTC will emerge as a trading pair in the near future

  6. Every time I question ETH, I just take a look at the ETH alliance. The companies backing this alliance is ridiculous.

  7. ETH always will be #2it’ll 10x easy in next 2-3 années. Big players. Not financial advice 😁

  8. Ask Roger Ver,
    1. what is he doing in terms of BCH innovation. Particularly ask about layer 0 scaling with Bloxroute who claims they can speed scaling 1000 on test net and what is the expectation on main net.
    2. Why is that unknown miners now has 36% hashrate on BCH

  9. Please ask Roger why he keeps doing Rebrand attacks and fraud marketing on BTC?

  10. Ask Roger, if he could touch base on his involvement/partnership with Monarch wallet (Crypto Beadles)?

  11. Thanks to Mr Scott anderson showing me the patern of trading diligently. He is a good trader. He always reimburse is patern of trading.

  12. It is true, Mr Scott is an self esteemed man who is contented with what ever profit he makes in a week.

  13. If your still interested in trading with him
    Visit him at

  14. Cryptobubbles website is so much better to get a quick market overview 🖐️ you have to try it

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